Refuting Chess Gambits like a PRO! – GM Victor Mikhalevski (EMPIRE CHESS)

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The Greco Gambit resembles a delayed King’s Gambit in that white opens with 1. e4 e5 2. Bc4 Nf6 3. f4!? in an attempt to catch black off guard and take him out of normal preparation as this line is definitely not very popular or well-known.

However, the Greco Gambit is extremely aggressive and leads by nature to very complicated positions early in the opening. While black can certainly navigate his way through the danger of this hyper-aggressive gambit, watching this chess video is going to guarantee viewers are prepared to face the Greco Gambit as experienced chess trainer GM Victor Mikhalevski provides insight into how Grandmasters refute gambits!

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  1. After much though i've decided to subscribe to you guys. Don't let us down 

  2. And what are we supposed to learn from this about handling gambits generally?
    Nothing at all. Why would anyone buy this DVD?? This is a good example of everything that is bad about chess instruction. Anyone could create this video. You don't need a GM to simply go through the moves of a game without teaching anything at all.

  3. was he even interested in making this dvd?? seems so mechanical!!!!!

  4. I was trying to follow this but he kept going all over the place.  I could not keep up

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