RARE + DANGEROUS Chess Gambit! Learn how to ATTACK with Bird’s Opening! Chess Openings Explained!

RARE + DANGEROUS Chess Gambit! Learn how to ATTACK with Bird’s Opening! Chess Openings Explained!

Swiss Gambit Chess Opening Theory, Moves, Ideas, Tricks, Tips, Principles, Variations, and Secret Checkmate Strategy!

Bird’s Opening Moves, Ideas, Principles, Theory, Variations, Tricks, Tips, and Strategy!

Many think of the Bird’s Opening as boring and timid, however, it can actually be a extremely dangerous chess opening! There are many attacking gambits and dangerous ideas coming out of the Bird’s Opening. Today, we review the Swiss Gambit, which is probably my favorite gambit coming out of the Bird’s Opening. It is a response against f5, in which black looks to copy White’s reverse Dutch Defense system. Here would be 10 things I would personally say about the Bird’s Opening, and I think the Swiss Gambit backs these up.

10 Fun Facts About the Bird’s Opening:

1. It is a reverse Dutch Defense, with a tempo ahead, which is really hard to take advantage of since there aren’t any obvious weaknesses.
2. The Bird’s Opening is highly underrated. You are getting a solid Dutch Defense with and extra move, and there are some high chances of attacking chess with a Grand Prix like system, with a tempo ahead, which many chess players with the black pieces aren’t prepared for.
3. There are many dangerous chess gambits that come out of the Bird’s Opening, including the Swiss Gambit! There is also the Sturm Gambit which we release a chess lesson on soon!
4. The Bird’s Opening puts chess strategy at the forefront of all chess moves, as there are no weakness in pawn structure, piece development, and king safety.
5. It was popularized by Henry Edward Bird, who used it often during his career and often played aggressive and attacking chess!
6. Oftentimes, the endgames reached coming out of the Bird’s Opening are better for white, especially when the chess player with black isn’t prepared, as the pawn structure for white is good with very little pawn islands.
7. There are many different chess styles that can be catered to with the Bird’s Opening, I personally consider myself an attacking chess player. My Mikhail Tal type style (no I am not even close to Mikhail Tal in level) often prefers crazy chess games, and if you’ve watched any of my chess videos, you’ve probably noticed! I’m trying to show that the Bird’s Opening is rare and dangerous, but can be used for Anatoly Karpov type players too!
8. It is the 6th most popular first move for white! This comes after moves like the King’s Pawn Opening, King’s Fianchetto Opening, Queen’s Pawn Opening, English Opening, King’s Indian Attack, and more!
9. The Bird’s Opening is one of the oldest chess openings of all time! It has a long history, and has been played by many chess grandmasters.
10. The Bird’s Opening has been played by Henry Edward Bird, Bent Larson, Sam Flouyd, Mikhail Chigorin, Arne Brynste, Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov, Jose Raul Capablanca, and more!

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  1. Can you personally tutor me please, I really want to be good, I get beaten everyday like I'm not improving, gambit making things worse 🙏🏾 😔


  3. Do the Hobbs Counter Gambit against the Bird. The Passive-Aggressive 1. F4 G5 looks like Black is blundering away the game until the nasty surprises start around move 3.

  4. 4:21 imagine if he could get bishop to h5 so then he could do knight to f7. Triple fork and 2 of the forks can’t be stopped

  5. I've played this opening for 15yrs. I know this opening like the back of my hand. My Defense is my own I call it "The Defender" its A5 into H6. I've been doing this Defense for 20yrs. It's basically a double flank Defense. It's definitely a stalemate Defense but…. when opponents error they get checkmate quickly! I rarely stalemate!

  6. Salute to everyone from a French Bird’s opening player, and thank you so much, The Chess Giant, for giving us all those videos about this start ; giving us, that way, new ideas as well !

  7. And 5. … d5 the best defense is never shown…

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