Ranking the Best Chess Gambits | Dojo Talks

The Dojo (GM Jesse Kraai, IM David Pruess, & Kostya Kavutskiy) rank the most popular gambits in chess.

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  1. If you know the theory on the elephant gambit, black can get a good game. It’s definitely not trash.

  2. Where is The Von Hennig-Schara Gambit? Which is Real Opening (beat otb a GM with it)

  3. Best gambit has got to be the Tal gambit in the McDonnell attack

  4. Still, Spassky never lost King's Gambit?.. or so I heard. Then, Nigel and Judit… Great talks overall; keep on good work lads!

  5. suprising blackburne shilling unknown , i thought that was standard chess historic litrature

  6. The Belgrade gambit has got to at least be Playable if not a real opening. Not only is it really rare, it's far more solid than most gambits. Only 3% of <2000 players play Nb4 and sidelines are at least equal.

  7. Belgrade gambit is totally playable (in blitz)- I am 2300 rating

  8. Just so you guys know, this is pretty much unwatchable on mobile because the game board is SO small. All 3 of your camera videos are bigger and we don't need to see you to process the arguments! I can barely see the positions as you discuss them. Please get a producer. Even an intern.

  9. The Scotch Gambit should be listed in the real opening category; Kasparov in his heyday used it many times & produced beautiful positional & attacking masterpieces.

  10. a bit surprised you didn't even mention the Italian Gambit while considering the Evans…. Italian might be included at least in the playable tiers….

  11. These Dojo guys are the coolest ever!!!!!!

  12. I'm with David respecting the Fromm's, if White is prepared, and if he plays the Bird he must be, White is better.

  13. The From's gambit is a terrible opening.

  14. I would put Halloween Gambit as Surprise Weapon, same with Tennison Gambit 🚀

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