Ranking 5 Chess Openings But I Don’t Know What Comes Next

Hello everyone! In this video, I ranked 5 random chess openings without knowing what comes next. Subscribe if you agree, and subscribe if you don’t agree!

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  1. Fried liver only works at low levels where your opponent doesn’t know anything about it, or at the highest level where you know everything about it, but nothing in between 😂

  2. Fried Liver is lucky Bongcloud wasn’t picked because it is the undisputed best opening

  3. london was perfectly ranked. change my mind

  4. Fried doesn’t deserve its rank, I don’t know any Traxler theory yet I win basically all my game with it.

  5. London should be at least a million places down London sucks

  6. Fried liver is ass. It’s the set up for most counter gambits and loses on the spot.

  7. I used the fried liver on all my opps when I was in prison, they never saw it coming 😤💪

  8. hikaru definitly whatched this before playing fabi

  9. 1. London system
    2. Bird's opening
    3. Danish gambit
    4. Fried liver attack
    5. Four knights game

  10. Fried liver only works at low levels to be honest

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