Queen’s Gambit Declined – Taking Down the Tarrasch Defense! Chess Openings for White (Damian Lemos)

If you play the Queen’s Gambit as White, you gotta know how to deal with the Tarrasch Defense by Black. This video is just one chapter of the 17 available in the new Deep Dive chess course on the Queen’s Gambit. Get instant access with 50% off here: ►

In the Queen’s Gambit Declined, the usual approach by Black is to play for a solid set-up and classical development.

Another approach is to accept the structural weakness of the isolated queen pawn (IQP) and play the Tarrasch Defense.

Black is willing to take on this weakness in return for a more open position. Unlike in the orthodox Queen’s Gambit Declined, Black has no bad bishop.

The black pieces can develop to their most natural squares with the least amount of trouble.

However, the effects of the IQP will be felt through most of the game.

The closer the game gets to the endgame, the more Black will find himself hampered by this weak pawn. Black is forced to defend his isolated pawn with a piece in the endgame.

Even if Black manages to change the pawn structure from an isolated queen pawn position to hanging pawns, he gets saddled with another pawn weakness.

After the move …bxc6, the d5-pawn is supported by another pawn. Unfortunately for Black, the c6-pawn is a backward pawn on an open file.

White can line up a rook and queen on the semi-open c-file and put tremendous pressure on this weak pawn. There is simply no escape from a pawn weakness for Black in the Tarrasch Defense.

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  1. Cornelius Constantine Balthazar Fitzpatrick V Sr. says:

    Thank you from Bangladesh, GM Damian Lemos.

  2. Thanks for the video. I'm an old guy. I'm same age as Kasparov. In the 80s Kasparov renewed the interest in the Tarrasch. I always enjoyed playing black. I went through a phase when I would immediately gambit the IQP with the Schara gambit. It isn't good against strong players but it was fun. Thanks again.

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