Powerful Chess Opening Against the Sicilian Defense | Tricky Wing Gambit

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you a powerful chess opening for White against the Sicilian Defense. The usual response against the Sicilian Defense with 2.Nf3 leads to very complicated lines involving a lot of theories. That’s why you can play the offbeat variation known as the Wing Gambit, which happens after 1.e4 c5 2.b4.

In chess, Wing Gambit is a generic name given to openings in which White plays an early b4, deflecting the opponent’s pawn or bishop from c5 so as to regain control of d4, an important central square.

This tricky gambit comes with a lot of deadly traps for White. And in almost all the lines White has quick development and an early, powerful attack against the Black’s king.

► Chapters

00:00 Powerful Chess Opening Against the Sicilian Defense
00:18 Wing Gambit Against the Sicilian Defense
01:04 Advantages of the Wing Gambit for White
02:08 Mainline: If Black plays 3…d5
06:07 Line-2: Nasty trap if Black plays 3…Nc6
07:45 Line-3: If Black plays 3…e6
11:35 Can you find the mate in 5?
12:29 Line-4: If Black declines the gambit
14:16 Line-5: Best response for Black
17:41 Similarity with Portsmouth Gambit

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  1. Wow! Thanks for all ur ideas am learning from you actually.regards from Doha Qatar 🇶🇦

  2. Guess I need to redefine my definition of 'powerful'.

  3. Wing gambit has very effective antidotes and it has been my pleasure to beat it every single time.

  4. My favorite gm thanks for all the great content

  5. Extraordinary new knowledge adquisition!

  6. This video is inspired by KaspaChess channel

  7. Ok so how do we beat the wing gambit with the sicilian?

  8. 12:17 Nice! Checkmate also possible with the pawn! After Bg5+ … Rf6 — e5xf6#

    ** edit ** no then Black can take the knight as *most*wanted points out

  9. Third move is 3.a3 in wing gambit. Not 3.d4. OK.

  10. A huge advantage could be the lack of opening theory advantage black could have (in my case probably has). I learned chess with e4 e5, and struggled massively when everyone started playing Sicilian. Especially in rapid chess being able to instantly play all theory moves will be a huge advantage. Even being a pawn down doesn't sound too bad…

  11. The worst thing is that my opponent never play the way I watch on YouTube, they play very difficult chess they took my queen rook easily by pawn or bishop Or knight don't know what to in that situation it has been more than 7 month , I think I should quit chess.

  12. I’ve gotten a few wins with this opening because more times than not they aren’t ready. But I use a3.

  13. Thanks for the demo and video don't have to memorized just get to the point of controlling the center

  14. Black needs to know the alternatives rather than going for baubles on the wing. I assume than you have more resources than you are displaying here.

  15. 7 mn 50 s : e5 au lieu de e6 pour contrer d4

  16. Sorry GM, can you please explain again?
    I just focus on your cat in background

  17. Marshall liked to pay this back in the 40's but the Wing Gambit is unsound
    but it is a nice surprise weapon to play against anyone under 1900 rating.

  18. Thx very much, i just won my first official game using your video for prep!

  19. I think Sicilian is already better for white (both e4-c5, Nf3 and e4-c5, c3). Why risk?

  20. Horas salam anak Medan 😀😀😀😀😀❤️🙏😎

  21. what if they defend with b6? then do u just take and play a normal sicilian without b pawns?

  22. I speak italian, i don't understand this language


  24. OH wow, my first 3 times using this have generated wins. This is a wild exciting way to handle the Sicilian (1450 player here)

  25. Had a few try this against me, non successful so far

  26. The problem is when I play other 800s, no one uses the sicilian.

  27. Igor: Great, as always!!! (And I just love the shots with your kitty in the background.)

  28. Thx GM Igor. Definitely, it a surprise for black players

  29. I've been about a 750. Now I've started noticing opportunities to pin pieces and I think when I do it my opponent is almost defeated when I do it because it's somewhat "advanced" pinning is so sick though! Cheers.

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