Play the Sicilian Defense like Beth Harmon

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Many of us have seen the Queens Gambit on Netflix with Beth Harmon, Benny Watts, Vasily Borgov, and others playing the Sicilian Defense. This video serves as a way to learn the opening, talking about the Najdorf, Dragon, Taimanov, Kan, Sveshnikov, Grand Prix Attack, Closed Sicilian, and others. Hope you enjoy!

The Old Video:

0:00 Intro
10:41 GAME 1 vs. 980
22:11 GAME 2 vs. 1603
31:23 FINAL GAME vs. 1507

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  1. I started to play chess and all the important stuff and i got to say your mindset is beautiful. Thank you. I will add this to my watch later.

  2. What do we do when d4 is played after c5 in the beginning 🤔

  3. Watching it in 2023. Thank You for the all the clips and this one in particular. Keep doing what you doing. You got me interested in Chess. And I speak Russian too btw 😉. Pleasure watching your videos. Very detailed and very interesting. Aside all, it’s not boring to watch. Regards. Sadig from Brooklyn, NY. 🙏

  4. Just started playing chess again, with my son, glad to have found your channel, and am enjoying your videos.

  5. If someone sees this at 2027
    Like it

  6. Opponent : really come on man ?

    Gotham : I'm sorry it's for science

  7. Lol… The next recommended video from Levi: "Stop playing the Sicilian" posted a year ago.

  8. He talks too much and doesn’t focus on one variation. Like can u follow through with one variation please

  9. Well… I watch this video in Ukraine in march 2023 and the 2022 wasn’t a good year at all. Or maybe it was a good one as I survived it 😊

    Found your prediction of the future Finne 😊

    Thanks for your videos! Really like them.

  10. 4 more years until we find out if 2027 was actually a better year than 2020

  11. When you explained the gambits or something and the smith morris I instantly thought of my nephew cause he does this to me

  12. Just found your channel yesterday….no apology for putting Beth Harmon’s pic in your video.
    Queens Gambit sparked my interest in playing chess after not playing for years.
    Great channel

  13. Watching from the future, my year 2020 is not that bad but not that good

  14. im like a 1200
    but i bet a 1900 2x using the scicilian lol

  15. Don’t play the dragon unless you’re very experienced

  16. Finally got recommended this but funny since nowadays levy always says Sicilian bad you shouldn’t play it as low rated player

  17. 2023 things aren't that much better, but chess.. chess never changes boys

  18. hmmmm… yeahh…
    sicilian opening… many options…
    but much to mess up for noobs ^^…

    i play to much caro-kan XD

  19. Thanks a lot…Every video worth of watching… getting very valuable knowledge to improve my game…Love and blessing from India…

  20. Great overview of black's statistically best chance at a win. I used to love playing the Smith-Morra gambit for white, and the dragon for black when first exposed to these half a century ago by a stronger player in my college dorm.

  21. accelerate your foolish
    youte weak
    grow up beating your masters
    this is the way

  22. I like when Levy breaks the fourth wall. It makes me feel noticed 😊

  23. 5:22 its not a acllerated dragon, its the hyper acllerated dragon

  24. I have learned a lot from this vid… the name of the Allopin which i have used but couldn't find the name of the opening to study more…ty for that. I have done the inverted queen / bishop attack upon the kb pawn a lot… this opening is not very popular

  25. Hey im watching this in 2023 and 2020 was sadly not the most awful year 2021 and 2022 where way more awful

  26. 9:32 ohh, 2020 wasn't so awful compared to 2023, expecialy if you are from Russia

  27. When your so early that Gotham hasn't pinned a comment yet.

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