Philidor Defense – Chess Openings

The Philidor Defense is a passive defense from black and acts as an alternative to the popular 2… Nc6 line. White’s two main lines are 3. d4 and 3. Bc4. In this video we talk about both and why I think Bc4 is easier to play.

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  1. I notice you did not really mention any specific benefits that black would get from playing this defense and you clearly don't love it, could someone that likes this defense please tell me what advantage this offers?

  2. Philidor looks really really weak for Black !! I will never play this line of defense. (x)

  3. what about the bishop e6? could that be a counter for Bishop c4?

  4. i like the philidor defense and will always try to trade bishops early moving to black light squared bishop to e-6. if white trades, i would get the open rook file after the castling and if white doesn't, then my my bishop would easily defend the f7 pawn against whites knight,bishop and queen attacks.

  5. Drifting waaaay off topic, but, I noticed the date…ironic for me…it was my 12th wedding anniversary AND the day my wife died…

  6. the modern line which is more solid is 1. e4 d6 and now if 2.d4(which is of course the best move) Nf6 3.Nc3 Nbd7 4.Nf3 e5 5.Bc4 Be7,which avoids the tricks of Ng5 thx to the early Nf6 move..Ofc White enjoys the space advantage and the better center control,but black's position is solid

  7. After the philidor defence, d4, exd4 and Nxd4, is c5 playable for black?

  8. Dude show us the defensive half of your talks are your opinions.. i just come to see the philidor defense

  9. Thanks. I have lost a few times against Philidor Defense and I'm happy that now I know how to counter it. Philidor Defense might be a solid option but I really like Sicilian Defense so I don't play it. But I don't really have a favourite opening as white. I'm currently playing Scotch Gambit but I'm thinking to change it (It's a little more risky than I want) . I'll probably start playing normal Scotch Game . I like openings that are not so risky but provide good variety on moves. If you have any suggestions, please reply my comment. (But I wrote it and I'd like some help. My rating is around 1650 on lichess. I'm below 1650 now but my rating is sometimes higher and sometimes lower than it. Sadly, that's a 2012 video and I know nobody is there to look at my comment.)

  10. too many unnecessary comments at the beginning. just get on with it

  11. Thanks Kevin! I was not familiar with this and my opponent was always playing this defence so I was very confused but now I am not.

  12. I'm here because I wanna play Ruy Lopez but my buddy always play pawn d6

  13. I actually like to be agressive as white and defensive and positional as black.

  14. why not move the Bishop from c1 to g4

  15. 2:39 the white bishop moves into c4, so my response to that is just a push of pawn to c6. Philidor Defense is my specialty way back then. I master the different variations for that. lol haha

  16. At 330 ng5 is a mistake you have to take e5 first. An immediate Ng5 is combated with d5.

  17. So is the Philidor Defence bad? Seems like White has the advantage at every stage of the game.

  18. The correct pronunciation is roo – ee with the accent on the first syllable.

  19. Thanks, Kevin. Useful. However, this is a type of 'strawman' analysis. The Philidor defense has a core principal that is continually violated in this video, thus making white look the stronger color here. Your bias to play aggressively overlooks the governing mentality of the Philidor. You might do some research from the black perspective and make a video. You will see this type of game from another viewpoint which will only further your knowledge and prowess on the board. You have an excellent site.

  20. Thank you, I am here because I used the philidor defence and didn't know what I was doing and got into a lot of trouble when an opponent quickly took advantage, thanks for your insight

  21. C4 & d4 is too aggressive. It leaves c3 and d3 too open and allows knights in middle game to roam freely behind your lines. C4 and d3 is a much better option coz you still control the center and you opponent will be fighting for a toehold in the middle whilst you already control it without sacrificing pieces or moving forward too much. What say u guys?

  22. ruy is pronounced roo eee with accent on roo

  23. Kevin the best 4th black move is dxe5. It's more in line with the nature of the Philidor. Your bias for aggressive play sometimes colors your approach in calculation. Nevertheless, thanks for the instructive video. Well done.

  24. I run the same thang, and can checkmate my opponent right after they castle.

  25. I play the phillidor defence a lot. I generally pin the Knight if they push the queen's pawn. Then if they take my kings pawn I'll take their Knight and force their Queen to take my bishop. Then I take their pawn. It definitely gives them more development but it has worked out for me more than not!

  26. you are just talking about disadvantages. lol. every opening has its own possibility

  27. 2:22 : instead of Nc3 why not just taking e5?? then he takes back and oyu exchange the queens to prevent black from castle

  28. The worst chess insult is you seem like a London player

  29. Philidors defense 9 years later is unplayable by computer standards

  30. whats teh diffrence betwen this adn slav defense

  31. Bro how tf you show 3…f5 but not the Antoshin-Variation 💀💀💀

  32. Hi. What happens if after white goes Bishop C1-C4, black goes for Bishop C8-E6? What should white do?

  33. Why wouldn’t the Philidor player move f7Pawn to f6? I guess it weakens your king’s position if you castle on that side, but there’s no reason you can’t castle Queen side.

  34. I need How to play against the Philidor every time i play Philidor against People

  35. Kings pawn opening-kings knight variation-petrovs defence-urusov gambit– then –philidor defence. Your opponent always remain confused and you win in 15 to 20 moves. Best end game ever. Safest way to play with any sacrifices. You can change your stretegy at any time that is the beauty of it.

  36. I started using this opening, and while it did seem more passive, I’ve started winning most of my games with black.

  37. Ok in the pawn to d4 version you never covered what to do if the d4 pawn just captures, because then you can't take back without losing your castle in the queen trade.

    Also every one of these in the pawn to d4 version ends with black at a horrible disadvantage as far as I can see. Probably the option where you just trade pawns and totally lose the center is the LEAST horrible. I was quite capable of taking this opening 2 or 3 moves further into doom on my own.

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