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  1. When are you dropping a tutorial on the giga ooga gambit?

  2. I love the gigaooga gambit, I play it all the time

  3. Bishop b4 mate in one im so lose pls someone help me?

  4. Damn must be even powerful than my ooga booga gambit

  5. Bro couldn't find another name for the gambit

  6. The best gambit no one has heard of: the one that loses you the game so you rematch & play with the black pieces, losing you the first move, but allowing you to decide where the game goes, with options such as the 1. c6 caro kann, which long time viewers know to be levy's favorite opening.

  7. My stepdad made a gambit where you just thrust your pawns forward, its called the Leroy Jenkins Gambit

  8. We NEED a real gambit called the Giga Ooga gambit

  9. It was dannish gambit, but white do not understand it

  10. Nah the gigga oooga gambit is the best gambit you can possibly play🗿

  11. Bro i wanted to get into chess but when the most popular chess youtuber says some stupid shit like giga ooga gambit its just not it

  12. I just started playing chess again after barely starting a few times im currently 200 elo won twice in a row and I actually was able to pull of some pretty neat stuff I know im just starting but I attribute this to you appreciate it I can finally win I think im definitely above 200 elo highest guy was 250

  13. Someone let me promote a pawn at the beginning of the game also giving me three pawns and a rook

  14. Did you just call him giga ooga gamit😂

  15. What's your opinion on the Halloween gambit?

  16. Subtitle got me, was looking for that bishop b4 mate in one.. sighhhh

  17. Don't know who added the text on the edit, but it is wrong.
    It is Bishop E4, not B4, that was checkmate in one.

  18. When you google "How to play gambit", but too lazy to read past "you sacrifice…" 💀

  19. Gigga ogga Gambit🗣️🗣️🔜🔛🔝

  20. to be fair, in the ICBM gambit you lose two pawns, a knight, and a bishop

  21. This is what most middle schoolers act like irl

  22. I love the perfect girl music in the background 😂

  23. I recently won a Giga Ooga because they missed M1 twice and I had perfect counterplay.

  24. I didn’t understand anything except for the word gambit. Now I want to learn 😯🤓

  25. 😮, what in the world … 👏👏👏👏👍👍

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