New Chess Gambit Just Discovered

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  1. You should know this focus here’s the moves it starts with

  2. what is this piano song called
    please i need to know

  3. "There's a very common checkmate pattern here that you should be able to see if you're black "

  4. I'm slowly catching up to your rating. Currently 1500 in rapid. Soon I will surpass you mwahahahaha >:3

  5. I've done a similar gambit to that one, but it ended in a draw thankfully

  6. 3:35 could you not let them make the exchange and theb you have the open g file for the rook and if they just do a rqndom deveopibg move for example, there would be a free pawn and lots of weak squares next to their king?

  7. Caro-kann always leads to some good shenanigans

  8. Keep up the the amazing videos bobby! I started watching her videos last January and it really got me into Chess I started out a rating of 150 for now I’m 1100 and play chess every day.

  9. mate this is like the same video as gothams video but little bit different

  10. At 4:36 is h4 just a complete trap of the bishop? Or is there some tactic that I’m missing.

    Edit: Forgot the pawn was on h3 thought it was on h2

  11. 5:25 My first instinct was that the threat was gxh3 so I was thinking to take the pawn on g4, playing Kh1 to put a rook on the open g file, or at least defending h3 with Qe3, but then after a few minutes of analysis, I found d4 exd4 Bxd6 Qxd6 Qa6+! Kd7 Qxa7 Kd8 Qa8+ Bc8 Na4 gxh3 Nb6 Qc7 Qxc8+! Qxc8 Nxc8 Rg8 Kh2!! hxg2 Rg1 Ng4 Kxg2 Kxc8 and white is up the exchange but black still has some tricks so be careful

  12. A similar thing happened to me, I took his rooke with my knight, but ended up losing due to poor development and bad move decisions

  13. Anyone know the song in the first couple minutes?

  14. I accidentally discover a gambit like this when playing last night

  15. Iba't Ibang Bidyo na hango sa Internet says:

    bobby bo dont mistake mistakes, he makes gambit lolll

  16. To me it sounds more like you're explaining what happened in your game which is incredibly incredibly unlikely to ever happen again until the point of your gambit.

  17. Once, I desided to gambit a bishop, and I had development lead and won

  18. Ok I’m currently down 18 points of material against stockfish how do I win?

  19. I see you play green in cutar championship, strong battering just wachtout for bishop in front of rook though

  20. If instead of castling, they play Nf7 then you have to take with the queen, leaving your E-pawn undefended

  21. after d3 ,you should give check by queen winning bishop

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