New Chess Gambit Just Discovered

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  1. The thumb nail
    Me: HEY! That's an illegal move!

  2. I Hear Erik saties Gympnopydie no 1 in the background

  3. 3:25 Rg8 and than h6 idea seems interesting to me. If they take the knight you take with the pawn and h3 pawn is going to die by lightsquared bishop. If they retreat to e3 its still ok, continue to push h and g pawns and this is going to be a big attack

  4. "There is a checkmate pattern here that your should be able to see if you are black."
    Me: does that mean I can see it?

  5. this is no gambit, just poor play from the other side🤣

  6. D4 in the middle game for white was screaming

  7. Μάνος Μιχάλης Χατζημανέττας says:

    At 11:40 I thought kcg3,bcg3, h2 check, be4 , only move rf3 and then u checkmate after bcf3. Atleast for his rating.

  8. Himyusernameisveryverylongplznoticemeireallyneedit says:

    Erik Satie makes it so peaceful

  9. bro played the whole game in the name of a gambit

  10. Been playing this for a week now, seriously learning. But man, you don't know how my brain hurts playing this.

  11. Also I like your playstyle but you’re ignoring key weaknesses… your opponent could have played Qf3 for several moves and your position would have been more complicated

  12. Bro missed Qa5 check and the capture bishop on b5

  13. 2:14 the knight isn’t actually trapped. because if nf7 and the queen is forced to take since it the knight hits the rook, then white just goes qxd5. and if black just moves the rook instead then the knight can escape anyway to g5. lmk if i’m wrong

  14. The Bo Gambit? Jangle Gambit? You Have to Know this Gambit?

  15. Рашидхон Акрамхонов says:

    I have seen and even played this gambit but engines killed most of gambits. They just don't work at high level

  16. Have a opponent who plays several inaccuracies gambit

  17. “This is not a blunder, this is a gambit” is about to be my new catchphrase

  18. bro got into a losing position n called it a gambit

  19. The Exchange Caro Khan, BobbyBo Variation

  20. When u realize the thumbnail is cursed:

  21. What's this gambit called?I think it should be called "Castling gambit"

  22. Was there a mate pattern even if they traded the rook at the end, or is the advantage of a bishop so much in the endgame that it's unwinnable?

  23. Also at 11:58 isn’t Knight G3 also checkmate because bishop takes on G3 and then bishop E4 King H2 and Bishop D6

  24. White KC7 is such a beauty to me…my opponent have no other option, but to sacrifice…the ROOOOK…I even made my opponent think he was winning at first just to set that move up

  25. you should call this the "john wick" gambit, referencing how you lose a rook and go berserk on the enemy, like how john wick lost his dog and went berserk

  26. Know as the Bobby gambit or jangle gambit

  27. Nice gambit! That's why I love chess. You lose a piece, but you gain a tempo, meaning faster development. That's a winning chance. You played good!

  28. At 11:14 white hung his queen. Black bishop on d6 moves to c5 and you would of been up a queen.

  29. I feel like a gambit is only a gambit when it creates a point of play where the opponents best possible move/moves leads them directly into a trap. But in this example it appears the white player just made mistakes repeatedly. Like hanging his queen. Or not counter attacking the black king

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