My FAVORITE Chess Openings for White!

0:00 Introduction
1:25 Saragossa Opening
2:57 Larsen’s Opening
5:58 Hippopotamus Defense
8:02 e4 Chess Openings
10:00 Ponziani Opening
14:10 Delayed Wing Gambit

Saragossa Opening:
Larsen’s Opening/Nimzowitsch Larsen Attack
Hippopotamus Defene:
Ponziani Opening:
Delayed Wing Gambit:

Giuoco Piano:
Scotch Gambit:

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  1. Yes! I've lost many rooks by moving my bishop to protect a center pawn!

  2. Games between grandmasters end in a lot of draws. I thought the championship match between Magnus and Nepo was pretty boring. I like your list of favorite openings except for the Hippo. I just don't have the patience for that one. Like you said, favorite openings aren't an implication that those openings are better than others, just that you enjoy those openings. And like you also said, your favorite openings depend greatly on the level of play you face. Currently my favorite openings for white are the Vienna Game and Gambit if black plays 1. …e5. If he plays the Scandinavian I transpose into the Blackmar Diemer Gambit, and I'm still working out what line to play if he transposes then into the Caro Kann or French on move two. If black plays the Caro Kann, Sicilian, or French on the first move I play the Kings Indian Attack. My philosophy is to not play what the opponent wants and expects.

  3. King's gambit when playing e4-e5…Great video,love the channel.

  4. I still go with Bishops Opening against 1. … e5. Very flexible since it can easily transpose to Italian, Vienna, Scotch Gambit, etc. The 2. c3 Alapin version has been a good anti-Sicilian.

  5. Von Popiel Attack and the Blackmar-Diemer always seems to deliver for me, especially considering how popular the London/Jobava is.
    Von Popiel seems like a gambitty (is that a word?) version of the Veresov. I, too, like the Larsen and the Saragossa. Thanks, Solomon.

  6. the 60 million alpaca gambit is also a great opening 🙂

  7. I usually play the delayed Nimzowitsch Attack: 1. Nf3 and then fianchetto the bishop. Leads to reversed Nimzo- and Queens-Indian positions. Nimzo himself saw the entire complex as one opening. But playing 1. b3 and reversed Owen's, I'll have to give this a try as I love Owen's Defense.

  8. My go-to openings are London and Scotch for white and then, as you know, the Pirc and its fun variations of the Czach / Black Lion if I see the opportunity / need to be aggressive. I love all three of these openings the most. Before your channel, I didnt know about the Pirc and didnt consider the Scotch. Thankfully for my little chess group I am set with some default preparation and also, thankfully, am the only one playing any of these 3 openings. I feel very comfortable with my London lines. But sometimes if I dont want to play quiet and safe chess, or get provoked by my friends because I am playing "the boring opening (lol)" then I play the Scotch Game / Gambit. You did a good job and making me love this and the Pirc, how could you not!?!

  9. Why not 2.Qa4? I play often this in blitz or bullet because opponent is confused. Should an opponent to play c6, Nc6, but I get tempo on beginning.

  10. I do like the Larsen and Reti, against Nc6 I like the Rossolimo attack

  11. I guess that my pseudo-Catalan games weren't enough to win you over 😛

    I've been experimenting with Larsen's Opening in blitz with some nice success recently. Back when I was playing e4 I was an Evan's Gambit wiz, and that's pretty easily the one that I miss the most now that I'm focusing on d4. I hadn't thought of the Saragosa Opening as a way to get into Torre Attack positions, which definitely piqued my interest (also a longtime Caro player, so I might have to actually use it one of these days).

  12. I used to think that English was lame, but now at 1700+ I like the fact that most opponents still know very little theory beyond move 3. or 4. Not that I would know any more theory. The English is broad like Catalan, but less brain heavy and painful.

  13. For the time being I am a E4 player, thanks for your video’s

  14. Thank you for this amazing video! Against Sicilian I was mostly playing Grand Prix Attack, but Delayed Wing Gambit looks awesome!

  15. 1.Nf3….
    Play against any black moves, takes black out of his book theory and is super solid.

  16. I have been playing the Sicilian Kan/Hedgehog for both black and white with good results. Like the Hippo there is no need to study white as I just play 1.c4 followed by either Kan or Hedgehog moves. Unfortunately I additionally need a defense vs 1.d4 which adds more work but any defense based around …e6 is familiar and solid. Thanks for all you do.

  17. Andersson. Always. It crushes. Black is totally confused from the start no matter what. Runner up is Saragossa

  18. I play caro kann for black so it's caro kann backwards? Lol

  19. Pronounced "Fee-in-ket-o" my friend. Great video.

  20. As of late, after your Vienna video, I really enjoy playing the Vienna.

  21. Hey Solomon, have you seen Michael Bezold vs. Wolfgang Langer or Bezold vs. Farhad Khadempour (both in 2001)? White has an interesting quasi-Hippo setup: double fianchetto+d3+e3, but only one knight and the queen go in the middle of the second rank. Looks like a nice flexible way of confusing someone expecting a normal Hippo. I wonder if it's any better at handling 3-pawn centers.

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