My FAVORITE Chess Gambits for Black!

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0:00 Introduction
1:06 Falkbeer Countergambit
6:59 Stafford Gambit
9:33 Scandinavian Gambit
12:38 Benko Gambit
18:52 Birmingham Gambit

Falkbeer Countergambit –
Stafford Gambit –
Scandinavian Gambit (mentioned in video) –
Benko Gambit –
Birmingham Gambit –

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  1. I love the Scandinavian defense. I like to play 2.c6 and either transpose into an exchange caro cann if white plays 3.d4 or a reverse scotch game if white takes with 3.dxc6 4.nxc6.By the way. Can you do a video on the caro cann exchange variation for black.

  2. I’m new at chess!! What does gambit mean? Helllppp!!

  3. If your playing the king's gambit from white,i have something better for you.When i play it,i play the Quaada gambit….

    1.e4 e5.
    2.f4 exf4
    3.Nf3 g5
    4.Nc3 g4 (main line)
    5.Ne5 Qh4+
    6.g3 fxg3
    7.Qxg4 g2+
    8.Qxh4 gxh1 (Queen back)
    9.Qh5 Nh6
    10.d4 Nc6
    11.Bxh6 Nd8
    12.Bg5 d6
    13.Bxd8 dxe5
    14.Qxe5+ (Resigns)

    Ok,thats a winning line and there's lots of things black can do.But,try it out on the board and there is some real nice sharp possibilities and lines to cover…..Should keep you busy 🙂

  4. Thanks for the video. Some really interesting lines here; got me thinking about how to fill out my repertoire beyond just what I’m comfortable with at the moment.

  5. Nice one thanks man! I use the blackmar diemer gambit for white, and the modern scandi type defense for black. I basically try to do a reverse blackmar gambit for black, giving up a couple paws for quick development, and a bishop, or knight sacrifice if possible to get the king on the run.. Its worked great so far. Just reached a thousand in rapid from 400 using these two types of openings. A lot of players my ranking are immediately taken out of their opening game plan, and by move 7 or 8 a lot of times they already have made mistakes. Ive played them both atleast a couple hundred times. Works against higher rated players as well. I love it when i checkmate someone and ithey are up 6-9 points in material, only to get checkmated because of their slow developemnt, and sacrifices on my part. Im 2417 in puzzles and these openings are good fo a lot of different tactics, and makes for a fun game! Good luck and be safe everyone.

  6. Schara gambit against the Queen’s Gambit: 1. d4 d5 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 c5 4. cxd5 cxd4

    If accepted, white gets immense activity like a reverse Smith Mora and often times white’s queen is threatened resulting in lost tempi. A lot of pressure on white’s queenside and white lacks development.

    If declined, black gets a better version of the Tarrasch and the ideal IQP.

    Modern engines have revitalize this gambit. It’s seen at high levels. Magnus has played it. Warmerdam has a course on it. It’s a lot of fun to play!

  7. Another great video. Lately I've been focusing on double king pawn openings, so I'm really fascinated with tactical gambits like the Boden Kieseritzky, Urosov, Stafford, and Fried Liver Attack.

  8. Great video, do you plan to get back into tournament play?

  9. you should make a video about the best system openings to play

  10. Doesn't Old Benoni count as a gambit as well? What do you think about that opening nowadays? 😊

  11. im a fan of the rousseau gambit! it’s a lot like the latvian but it feels less dangerous for black (it’s still not super sound) but i enjoy it quite a bit

  12. Psyched that the Birmingham Gambit made your short list. Surprised that the Jaenish/Halibut Gambit (another solid video of yours) isn't as high up.

  13. White all forced to fianchetto their K in Benko gambit. Lol.

  14. I've played the Latvian a few times in correspondence and had great games. White didn't seem to know how to proceed. Always a plus for Black.

  15. Thanks for the video man… could you bring the Lundin-Kevitz Defense with 1. d4 Nc6 ?

  16. Thank you so much for the amazing video.

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