Most INSANE Chess Gambit of ALL TIME in the History of Chess

This is it. This is the Bertin Gambit

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  1. Saw bxf7 and thought of the scotch gambit, which I play

  2. This dude after trading a Knight, Bishop, A rook and 3 pawns for a Queen

  3. I almost always play this in casual games
    (It's a bit dubvious for more serious games)

    I even played one of my craziest games ever using this gambit

    Here is the game if anyone is interested

    This is a rapid game i played against my older brother

    These are the moves

    1:e4,e5 2:f4,exf4 3: Nf3, Be7 4:Bc4,Bh4+ 5:g3, fxg3 6:O-O,gxh2+ 8:Kh1,d6 9:Bxf7+, kxf7 10:ng5+,kg6 11:Nf7,Nh6 12:Nxd8,Bg4 13:Rf3, Rf8 14: Rxf8,Bxd1 15:Ne6,Nd7 16:Nf4+,Kg5 17: Rxa8, Kxf4 18: Kxh2,Ng4+ 19:Kh3,Nf3+ 20:Kh2,Ng4+ 21:Kh3

    And both of us agreed to a draw

  4. I like this. I wonder what percent of the time you can get it.

  5. watching this having no idea on what's happening feels so much better than actually knowing what he's doing.

  6. Okay, I admit it, I had to see the whole game after that short you posted

  7. Why does the video show you getting a brilliant move yet you have none in the summary at the end?

  8. – watches Bobby's video
    – memorizes the most insane gambit
    – opens lichess app
    – loses 200 elo points trying to checkmate opponents with the most insane gambit
    – refuses to elaborate further

  9. very fun opening won in 22 moves first try

  10. Hahahahahha the Gotham chess on kings square

  11. Bobby: moves the knight the wrong way
    Both players: 100 elo mode activated!

  12. Bobby! Why did lichess say cheat detected when I made a simple bishop takes pawn move? I didnt get banned but it's an auto loss which is kinda bs.

  13. There are so many ways to not lose you queen here though…

  14. Bobby Bojanglles: "Most insane chess gambit of all time"

    Eric Rosen: Hold my Stafford.

  15. Imagine if white still lost after Qxc8 Nf6 Qxh8 Nxe4 missing that Nf2 ends the game on the spot. :')

  16. If the first check from the opponent comes from queen and not from bishop then what will happen?definitely I will lose the game

  17. I almost always play the King’s Gambit when I play with white, but I did not know this existed.

  18. Came here from the short… I creamed my pants at the short… so yes I’m exited

  19. Why won't he take the knight check with his bishop??

  20. This is indeed a real gambit, white king is exposed af

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