Most BRUTAL Gambit Chess Opening Ever!

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If you want to play attacking chess, then you must learn the Nakhmanson Gambit. This aggressive chess opening can arise in various lines, including the Italian Game, the Scotch Gambit, and even the Bishop’s Opening.

The gambit position occurs after the following moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.d4 exd4 5.0-0 Nxe4 6.Nc3. This move is sure to shock your opponents and pave the way for multiple victories.

Watch the full video lesson as GM Igor Smirnov reveals the top 5 most effective opening traps from the Nakhmanson Gambit. These traps encompass both the variation with 6…Nxc3 and the mainline 6…dxc3.

► Chapters

00:00 5 Best Chess Opening Traps in the Nakhmanson Gambit
00:09 Trap-5
01:02 Most SHOCKING Move Ever!
02:43 Beautiful checkmating combination
03:05 Trap-4
05:11 Trap-3
06:07 Trap-2 (If Black plays dxc3)
08:35 Can you find the mate in 3?
09:07 Trap-1

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  1. Jonathan stranz popularized this .. too bad he quit chess

  2. This has always been my favourite gambit of all time, white plays like a nub in the opening and it's really hard for black to even sense any danger if they have never encountered it before. Kf6 is not something anyone would think of at first

  3. 1:00 we still can play Nc3 after Re1, d5, sacrifice bishop Bxd5, Queen takes bishop, then we play Nc3.

  4. You're the best chess teacher online, keep uploading and Thank you. Also can you make a video about Tactical mistakes in the middlegame that will help us alot

  5. Checkmate in 3: rook F4, after black takes rook F4, queen check on G8, black rook covers with rook F8, queen F8 checkmate.

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