Most BRUTAL Gambit Chess Opening Ever!

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🔹 Carlsen shocked by Nakhmanson Gambit –

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If you want to play attacking chess, then you must learn the Nakhmanson Gambit. This aggressive chess opening can arise in various lines, including the Italian Game, the Scotch Gambit, and even the Bishop’s Opening.

The gambit position occurs after the following moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.d4 exd4 5.0-0 Nxe4 6.Nc3. This move is sure to shock your opponents and pave the way for multiple victories.

Watch the full video lesson as GM Igor Smirnov reveals the top 5 most effective opening traps from the Nakhmanson Gambit. These traps encompass both the variation with 6…Nxc3 and the mainline 6…dxc3.

► Chapters

00:00 5 Best Chess Opening Traps in the Nakhmanson Gambit
00:09 Trap-5
01:02 Most SHOCKING Move Ever!
02:43 Beautiful checkmating combination
03:05 Trap-4
05:11 Trap-3
06:07 Trap-2 (If Black plays dxc3)
08:35 Can you find the mate in 3?
09:07 Trap-1

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  1. 2:00 isn't after trading the rook for the bishop playable the greek gift sacrifice?

  2. Dear Igor, I enjoy some of your videos, but I notice, that the opponent would easily get out of trouble, as your pieces are easy to blunder.

  3. "Here is the time for your opponent to start thinking—and after a little bit of thinking, resign the game."
    —Igor, 2024

  4. Very nice gambit lines , thanks GM Igor sir 🎉❤

  5. The puzzle Rxe2 if Rxe2 then Qg8# if Qxe2 then you play Rxe2 he can't take with the rook due to Qg8# so Kxe2 and idk what's more is coming but it's a winning position for white also shouldn't the B2 pawn be forgotten, because of the back rank checkmate

  6. Indeed this is wonderful.👌🏻
    But can you talk about Ahmed Adly (Egyptian) who beaten Magnus Carlsen?🙏🏻

  7. Puzzle of the day answer
    H7F6 E4E7 D5G8

  8. 1.Rf4 is the winning move, however it is not mate in three since 1. … d6 gives the King some air.

  9. I always wanted a GM as my teacher to reach. 2000elo ,and thanks to you I'm finally 2000elo ,thank you Igor sir🙂

  10. Jonathan will be happy to see this. Sure i know the nakhmanson Gambit. But i try to play it just against players with over 2k. Below it the Max Lange is enough. 🎉😊

  11. I love all of these opening trap videos. But almost no one ever plays e5 in the opening in my games. Especially in blitz, everyone loves to use caro can to shut down tricky openings. Would be nice to see more traps against different openings

  12. just looking at the position in that video i would NxNc3. Taking with the pawn opens Q to d5,,,why not just play NXN then what white does?

  13. 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6 4. d4 exd4 5. O-O Nxe4 6. Nc3 dxc3 7. Bxf7+ Kxf7 8. Qd5+ Kf6! 9. Re1 Ne7 10. Qxe4 Kf7 11. Bg5 d5 12. Qf4+ Kg8 13. Qe5 Ng6 14. Bxd8 Nxe5 15. Rxe5 cxb2 16. Rb1 c6 17. Rxb2 Kf7 ∓

    Forced line (if both players know the best moves) and a clear pawn up in the endgame for black.

  14. won't work against me tho cause I only play the Rousseau gambit 😂

  15. 1800 opponent played this OTB once, i didn’t even see pawn takes knight

  16. Transposition Alternate Move Order.
    There’s a fun aggressive gambit system I teach my students that might be useful for some adventurous souls looking to sidestep the Petroff or the giuoco piano and force things down the road to this gambit. 1.e4 e5 2.d4 ed 3.Nf3 Nc6 (if 3… c5 4c3 dc 5.Nxc3 gives a strong initiative) 5.Bc4 Nf6 (if 5… Bc5 6 c3 dc 7Bxf7 + intending Qd5 leaves black in a world of hurt) 6. 0 – 0 and you have arrived at the gambit position in the video.

  17. Can anyone send me a link to video where there's a link to blitz where a grandmaster explains how to win blitz games thanks forward

  18. Thanks for the videosta Igor. Reached 1000 for third time now, hope that 4th time isnt needed

  19. Thanks for the videos Igor. Reached 1000 for third time now, hope that 4th time isnt needed

  20. Actually, Zombie King gambit is the most brutal chess opening

  21. At 8:38, can't prevent d6 without check on every move. Can't check three times without losing too many attackers. Every piece that gives check will be captured, including the third one. So there is no 3 move checkmate. Stockfish gives mate in 21.

  22. Is the puzzle solution Rf4? Looks like it leads to checkmate or a free Rook

  23. I see no possible mate in 3 (?):
    After 1. Rf4, black doesn't have to take the rook, can play d6 instead. Black is still lost, but mate is definetely further away than 3 moves.
    After 1. Rxe7+, there is only Qxe7 and Rxe7.
    Rxe7 would fail due to Qg8# mate in 1… But after black plays Qxe7 and white plays 2.Rxe7+, again black doesn't have to take the rook on e7, enabling Qg8# but rather play Kxe7 or even Kd8.
    Even after Kd8 (not taking back white's rook), only check left for white would be Re8+ sacrificing the rook. If white instead plays 3. Rxf7 or Qxe7 threatening mate in 1, black always has c7 and the d7 pawn is still guarded twice by King and Bishop.
    And if black decides to take back the rook with Kxe7, mate is even further away.
    Where is the mate in 3?😯😯😯

  24. Rxe7.. if rook takes then it is mate in 2.. if queen then mate in 3

  25. This has really improved my chess rating Im gaining over 1300 elo players really Quick

  26. Are true teacher thankyou Igor absolutely amazing🙏

  27. Truly a very nice openning, very well explained!!!I However, I realy dont see mate in 3… can you please explain how? In my opinion in order to mate in 3 you have to keep checking the black king and there are 3 ways, Kf6+ ; QxR+ (Queen Sacrifice) or RxK+…

  28. The main line i watch in a reels, rhe the caption is, even magnus fall in this trap

  29. What if – at 2:48 – after 13.Qxd5 / , black moves Bd7 . . doesn't this just kill ALL possibilities for white..?

  30. 00:00:11 Attack with unexpected moves to create discomfort for your opponent.
    00:00:55 Sacrifice a knight with Knight to C3 to surprise and unsettle your opponent.
    00:02:54 Utilize unexpected sacrifices like Rook takes C8 to create a winning position.
    00:03:46 Create threats with aggressive moves like Knight takes F7 to maintain pressure.
    00:04:21 Continue the attack with strategic moves like Queen H5 to keep your opponent on the defensive.
    00:06:15 Exploit opponent's weaknesses with sacrifices like Bishop takes F7 to keep the pressure on.
    00:09:02 Maintain the attack by sacrificing pieces strategically, such as Knight to F7, to secure a checkmate.
    00:09:29 Capitalize on opponent's mistakes by sacrificing pieces like Bishop takes H6 to finish the game in style.

  31. I see Rxe7, if Rxe7 then Qg8 is mate in 2, but thats not forced.

    If Rxe7, Qxe7, then Rxe7 wins (blacks rook cannot recapture on e7 again as Qg8 would again be checkmate) but again, its still not forced mate.

    Best line keeps the game "alive" for a little bit longer:

    1. Rxe7, Qxe7
    2. Rxe7, Kd8
    3. Qxf7, c6 or black resigns.

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