Most Aggressive & Deadliest Gambits, Explained

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Check out these videos to study these gambit’s more detailed!

Nakhmanson Gambit –

Evan’s Gambit –

Meitner Mieses Gambit-

Stafford Gambit –

00:00 – Nakhmanson Gambit
02:45 – The Evans Gambit
05:03 – Meitner Mieses Gambit
06:29 – The Stafford Gambit

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  1. The most agressive gambit is the mate gambit where you throw away all the pieces on the board and proceed to mrake out Agressively with the opponent
    I sadly cant use this gambit against guys cuz thats gray😢

  2. I play the "Mental sanity Gambit", where you just push the external pawns like a degenerate for the sole purpose of confusing you opponent and make him throw away any previous knowledge of the game he had. Recommended for 1200 to 1350 elo.

  3. I swear to god if someone plays nakhmanson on me i'm deleting my account

  4. How are you supposed to remember all the moves

  5. dude this is probably the best "aggressive gambits" tutorial ever. thank you so much for explaining in detail.

  6. Eric Rosen not mentioned on the Stafford !?!

  7. Why is there no haloween gambit here 🙁 otherwise I play evans gambit when I play guiocco piano or whatever the name is

  8. Memes aside, the most aggressive gambit is probably the triple muzio gambit

  9. Wait until bro finds out about the, clock gambit, the toilet gambit, and a lil help gambit 💀

  10. These are actually pretty epic. I’d love to see someone make a kings gambit video that isn’t just the same 2 traps. No one even plays main line they just play Nc6 and you’re expected to know what to do

  11. What if on the Stafford gambit white defends his e pawn with knight c3

  12. Bro forget the most aggressive one which is the Guicci Gambit that Alireza played in the candidate

  13. "International Continental Ballistic Nuclear Warhead LGM-35 Sentinel" had me dying of laughter

  14. These only work under 2000, and there are far better options anyway, rather than sacrifing everything and assuming that your opponent is a complete bozo

  15. 90% of the time your opponent will not act accordingly 😂
    I have seen it many times in online games,,,

  16. truth about 1000-1500 rated players,,,, most players managed to get these rating just by playing one opening most of the time,,, not more than 3-5 opening,,,, even i am 1300 rated player, sometimes i blunder the game but i don't make stupid blunders,,, 😂😂😂

  17. most online chess players are idiots,
    why? because they play italian game, and tries to increase pressure on king's pawn,,, trust me you can't increase your rating if your sole purpose is to checkmate the king,,, (A chess grandmaster had said that),,,, and secondly, they don't resign the game even in losing position,,,, oh please, do you really think you can win having your rook alone against queen,,,,, how stupid is that!!!!! you are actually hoping your opponent to blunder the game,,,, how desperate is that,,, no wonder, these guys can never reach 1500+😂😂😂

  18. Why are these not being seen nowadays?

  19. this is so well explained! well done and thank you

  20. Best I every played is Cumshot Gambit Reverse Variation

  21. Do some gambits that work on the black side next, gotta win more than 50% of the games

  22. How about some good ones like the traxler counter gambit or the albin countergambit? Or a fun one like the Halloween gambit?

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