More Than 525,261 Players Fell For This TRAP After 1.e4

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you a deadly chess opening trap for White to win in just 6 moves after 1.e4! These traps occur in the Tennison Gambit which can be used against popular chess openings including the Scandinavian Defense, the Caro-Kann Defense, and the French Defense.

You will also learn how to transpose into this opening trap by playing 1.Nf3 instead of 1.e4. Additionally, you will learn how to use the same opening trap as Black.

► Chapters

00:00 Best Chess Opening Trap to Win in 6 Moves
00:24 Trap in the Tennison Gambit for White
01:18 More Powerful Tennison Gambit Traps
02:14 Trap-1: Tennison Gambit against the Caro-Kann Defense
04:49 Trap-2: Tennison Gambit against the French Defense
06:07 How to make the trap work if Black played e6?
07:02 Puzzle of the day
07:24 If Black does not play h6
09:39 If Black plays Nf6
11:43 Trap-3: Tennison Gambit against the Scandinavian Defense
13:22 Problem with playing 1.e4 (playing 1.Nf3 instead)
14:20 Trap in the Tennison Gambit for Black

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  1. That’s why I always decline gambits. Too many possible shenanigans.

  2. Guys, ignore every offer for avoid trap.

  3. For a sec I thought it was scholars mate lol but then ur a GM so Ik it’s not scholars mate

  4. Puzzle at 7. Knight takes f7 taking a pawn and threat to capture rook. Black queen cant take because bishop g6 can skewer the queen. Knight f7 wins a pawn and a rook for free! Plus if you move knight from f7 you gain a tempo by checking the king on e8. I dont see other moves better so f7 knight.

  5. I used that in the Caro haha it was fun! It doesn't have a name in the Caro, maybe you could call it the Breyer?

  6. I play Chess Titans Level 4, playing as white against the computer. With the 35 basic principles, I can win 99 percent of the time. However, when I use your tactics; I lose 100 percent of the time. I end up playing hope chess where I hope it will make those mistakes & allow me to win. Upload a video of you playing Chess Titans Level 4 as white & lets see you make those tactics work. In particular your tactic against the french defense which Chess Titans Level 4 uses.

  7. 07:02 Puzzle of the day
    Nxf7, if Qxf7; then
    Bg6 pins black Queen. Qxg6
    Qxg6+ …
    White wins black's queen and f pawn for a kNight and lite-square bishop!

  8. My only problem is that none of my opponents falls for these traps … 😪

  9. Why do you show only the WORST moves for Black and not the best defense? Oh, wait if you would your videos would become dull! But still better than they are now!

  10. I always play black to let my bf have a winning advantage.. and our games are often cut short because of those exact moves you showed as black 😂 I find myself learning very little from every chess video online. Maybe soon I’ll tread lightly into tournaments. Although I do love your videos! This was a good one. 🎉

  11. I really loved the humiliate your opponent part, if I'm ever playing this gambit I'm making sure to make use of it lol.

  12. What's happen if in tennison gambit black first get out of knight.

  13. Please make a video gambit for black and tips and tricks.

  14. what happens if when you play d3 black plays h6?

  15. QUITELY fine moves !!! Great… mentor guides sir… 💥✌️

  16. Nxf7, regardless of what they do, we win either the queen or the rook.

  17. But what if opponent doesn't take the pawn at d3? Seems like the whole plan collapses?

  18. But what if, in the Scandi line, black does not play 4..exd3 but instead plays 4..Bg4?

  19. I used this today in a bullet game but I still blundered in the endgame (and lost the queen) and lost the game

  20. Intercontinental Ballistic Mitsle gambit

  21. Ans.1.Nxf7. If 1…QxN, then 2.Bg6 and Black loses his Q as the Q is pinned.

  22. The moves Nxf7 Qxf7 Bg6 wins the Queen for white.
    Thanks for this great video 😊

    Dear Igor (GM Smirnov),
    I loved your presentation of Tennison gambit, but, I think it missed a forced mate combination. While breaking down some of the variations with one of my friends, it was pointed out to me that Black's move 5. …. h6 in CARO (see time mark ~2:57) should not be dismissed lightly by White player as calling for a response similar to 5. …. Nf6. Yes, as you pointed out, it can lead to White winning Black queen, but…
    Please consider the following option:
    5. … h6
    6. Nxf7, (if) Kxf7N
    … the best sequence is not 7. Bg6+ . INSTEAD, consider…
    7. Qh5 + (!), Kf6
    8. Qg6+ Ke5
    9. Bf4+ Kd4 [forced,
    since 9. …. KxB leads to
    10. Qg3# ]
    10. Be3+ Ke5
    11. f4+ Kd5
    … and pawn mate by White on the next move.
    Thank you so much for your videos. Please keep them coming. You are better than StockFish !

    P.S. I thoroughly enjoyed your videos demonstrating traps agains Bishop on g5(g6) pinning the Knight on f6 (f3) in Italian-like openings. Do you have any traps against players who tend to prophylactically play h6/h3 pawn moves EARLY — i.e. on moves number 3, 4, or 5… — in similar Italian theme openings? I mean you did mention an option FOR Black in "Top 4 chess opening mistakes after 1.e4" (against 6. h3) and one FOR White in "Winning plan in Italian game" (against 6. …. h6), but I think there have to be more. Are there? Are there any ways to punish h3/h6 played much earlier than move 6? Could you share them with us? Thank you in advance.
    // aa

  24. This gambit is crazy! Just love it. From the initial position shown, wondering if anyone has a good response to Black's 5…Nc6?

  25. Great lesson about Tennison Gambit. Thank you, Master!

  26. 14:18 – what to play for white in this position? Next move is for black h6 and to take the black e4 is mistake and retreat with the kniht from g5 to h3 leads to Bc8xh3 with the double pawn on the "h" column, so I don´t know whether it is good position for the white. I would say no – the black will do in the future great castling O-O-O. Tennison gambit is a good idea only in the case when in this 14:18 black takes d3 by his pawn on the e4. When Kc3 black plays e6, or even better Kc6, that is any advantage for the white.

  27. Are you a chess master or something I always wanted to be a grandmaster but never went to school or anything now I’m 39

  28. Hello folks, I found a strange indipendent game ( R1sikoChess) about Chess, Risk, Monopoly and a lot of wargame elements in a weird/dramatic pre apocalypse scenario.. Graphic is not incredible but if you want to try something different and, above all, with a REALLY DEPTH playability and complexity, so take a look, search it on google.

  29. Is it more than memorizing tactics? Is it not a way of thinking that comes from a lot of losing games, and trying to figure out why that keeps happening?

  30. You are kidding with this? Only the 11 year old kid across the street might fall for this.

  31. The winning move after Qf6 is Nxf7. The rook is under attack and cannot flee to h7 because of the bishop on d3. The only way to save the rook is to play Qxf7, but then Bg6 wins the queen.

  32. Yes, but it doesn't work if you can't get them to take your pawn on D3 – and even my simple on-line chess program doesn't often do that, so I'm straight in trouble!

  33. Great…apart from weird accent….talk to quickly
    For me. ….but nice layout .

  34. With the "French Defense" 3rd option… Knight to sacrifice in H-7 as Black takes it with rook to H-7. White Rook to H-6 as black can take with pawn to H-6 or Rook to H-6, then white Queen to H-6 with no other threat as it makes it way to an eventual Checkmate!

  35. Thanks for showing us to know more about chess. You should Abit slow down the way you talking, like a school teacher. 😅. Make me rush, just my opinion

  36. Looking for "tricks" and "traps" is not the way to play chess. Anyone who does so is an idiot.

  37. You doesn't complete the some options…

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