Magnus Carlsen’s FAVOURITE Game From The Queen’s Gambit

Beth Harmon’s game against D.L. Townes was my favourite game in The Queen’s Gambit. See me break down this nail-biting sequence for @NetflixNordic. #TheQueensGambit​ #MagnusCarlsen​ #chess


  1. Love my fellow Norwegian reading a script

  2. I see a bright future for you, Magnus. I very much enjoyed your analysis of that game and it opened my eyes to her grasp of what was going on all the time, as well as her self control to not tip him off to take another look at what might happen, so he went ahead with what appeared to be a "safe" move.

  3. Why is there a Netflix logo at the end? Haha, btw, I learned a lot.

  4. WOW, pretty crazy how whichever square the white rook moves upon he is either immediately captured or is just one move from being forked by the black knight checking his king. He literally has no safe square in which to go or stay.

  5. I like how you could tell who was winning the chess match by the characters reactions and expressions even if you don't know about chess, like me. 😂

  6. Might be nice to see things that way when I watched the series.

  7. Question – Who is the Beth Harmon today? hmmmm ..

  8. What about Rh4 than Re4 ? For me it’s a way out for white rook, maybe I just don’t see it

  9. He technically could have stalemated even after getting trapped.

  10. one woman makes it to top 100 and the make a whole movie series about her, arent they really special

  11. The Queen’s Gambit might be the best thing I’ve ever seen on television.

  12. Magnus choosing an end game match who would thought 😂

  13. GOAT but fr The Queen's Gambit is a masterpiece.

  14. blink twice if you are being held hostage

  15. All what i saw was, how stupid, he move the rock to a square where it can be forked

  16. Tnx Champ!!… <3 love it…

  17. How Magnus still introduce himself like that 🤦🤦🤦
    I mean who really don't know who Magnus Carlson is?

  18. Magnus, you are amazing. I liked your breakdown of the game.

  19. As a non chess player I will have to take Mr. Carlsen's word for it of course….LOL♟👍

  20. It's interesting to hear this comment from a world chess champion, expressed with such admiration by Magnus Carlsen for the beautiful simplicity of the tactic that Beth uses in this game. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

  21. Daenery Targaryen 🌍🏠💦🌞🌕🌟😇🎀🦄

  22. I use to be really good at chess even won a chess tournement in my area, beat every opponent 0 loses. I couldn't play black very good the angles are all backwards and it confused me. Being use to white i would put a peice on position for a future move only to realize i was on the wrong side of the board. When i learned how to play black my imagination had been gone and i couldn't play as good anymore.

  23. i like how magnus says that he has been wc for 8 years like its the most normal thing in the world with out even changing expression

  24. hey guys which show is this , is this from netflix

  25. STupidly it took you pointing out just how important this game was, for me to be able to see it! – Which is why I will never be a terribly great player!

  26. I dont think Magnus knows that this is a tv series.

  27. I never understand when they say and now they lose. When they have so many moves to be unchecked.

  28. it amazes me that people can engineer situations in which a piece literally has almost every position available to it, and yet can make no move w/o getting captured or forked. if i get a position like that it'd be pure luck, and likely i wouldn't even notice i'd done it.

  29. I understand how to play chess, but i'm not very good at it. Can someone explain to me why the final position is an issue? I see a couple of places the white rook can move to which should be safe.

  30. Thanks for the video!
    If I may, I'd rather read if subs reflected what he says, word-for-word, than an attempt to make it more understandable.
    His English is more than fine.

  31. Was really cool seeing this! Might pick up chess again, if time permits! Cheers, champ.

  32. Women competing against men is a joke. They shouldn't need to exaggerate or lie to make a woman look better. All they need to do is look at reality. Just show any live chess tournament.

  33. y is this videos opening like a randsom video

  34. Who is magnus carlsen, and why did youtube think id care?

  35. Women are so privileged they get a Hollywood movie about a chess and a woman. Meanwhile the 1000s of men better than her don’t get a movie.

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