Learn the Vienna Gambit with Hikaru

Hikaru continues his series of using a few subscriber games to teach the Vienna Gambit Opening.
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  1. 6:12 a bunch of video games get chess boards wrong also. for example there's one in alien: isolation that's set up on the wrong side of the board (a1 is white instead of black) and one of the sides has the king and queen reversed. call of duty infinite warfare: another sideways chess board. spider-man 2019: the board is actually set up correctly but both sides' pieces are the exact same color of brown. which I guess is technically playable if you're one of those super nerds that can keep track of every piece on your head but for most people would be plain unplayable

  2. Please do another video with the g3 fianchetto variation you mentioned

  3. ڕایان ئازاد سڵاوت لێبێت

  4. Learn the Vienna Gambit: Proceeds to spend nearly three-and-a-half minutes talking about opening lines that have literally nothing to do with the Vienna Gambit.

  5. The casual way how you explain so many outcomes is just astonishing. Reminds me of Doctor Strange seeing millions of outcomes for the coming conflict.

  6. excellent video. helped me a lot to understand the opening and the ideas behind it

  7. Vienna gambit: you like my big white center? 😏

  8. Fortunately, not only we have Hikaru teaching us the Vienna, but Youtube also made it easy to rewind the video ten seconds at a time.

  9. I literally clicked on this video because the title card was so well done. Shout out to the graphic designer!

  10. I love the way hikaru works so impressive 😮

  11. am i the only one who has to pause the video after 2 minutes to let it all sink in ?

  12. why hikaru talks in his videos weirdly, like he is doing it forcefully and doesn't really want to make these videos. I have seen him stream with xqc and other people like gotham in which he looks very natural but in some videos i feel this way. I might be thinking to much but sorry bro its just an opinion as a fan.

  13. I understand you’re a GM. I however am a complete noob at the game. Can you please slowdown a tad? lol goodness. The explanation is fine just slow it down a little.

  14. Youre talking to fast, i mean i understand what youre saying but there are people who cant keep up! Theres literally hundreds of comments saying " slow down " " wtf he say " I heard asdfghsjfkf "
    So yea slow down my man and speak slower so people can COMPREHEND what you're saying and doing simultaneously

  15. Best chess teacher I have seen…I watch & learn from others but Nakamura,I feel like Im getting proffesor knowledge

  16. Why show entire game this isn't an endgame video

  17. At 2:57 I recommend looking at the game Ost-Hansen v John Nunn played in a 1974 tournement in the UK. It's a spectacular example of sustained attacking play by John Nunn in this crazy line of the Vienna and the best example I know of how to work Black's compensation for his sacrifice of the exchange. There are a number of Youtube versions of the game that are generally available.

  18. Therapist: “Homelander Levy isn’t real, he can’t hurt you”

    * Homelander Levy:

  19. I’ve learned that me is dumb hikaro is smart am going to watch levy

  20. Yo…Hikaru speaks like flash paper. Quick as shit.

  21. how not to learn the vienna gambit 😄 … thanks

  22. Too much theory ahhhhhhh can't get in my head even though I am a veinna Gambit only player.
    He also didn't covered copycat variation

  23. he just spit mad knowledge for 31 minutes straight

  24. What if (at 3:37 mins of the video) the black knight moves to d5.

  25. I wish Hikaru had talked about black's best line

    1. e4 e5 2. Nc3 Nf6 3. f4 d5 4. fxe5 Nxe4 5. Nf3 Bc5 6. d4 Bb4 7. Bd2 c5

  26. you summarized my 5 hours trainig, beast

  27. dude, the QUANTITY and QUALITY of the info is mindblowing!

  28. Hikaru casually mentions himself playing moves where he gives like mate in 4 positions to some GMs and then ends it like “so of course it ended in a Draw” wtf

  29. “Come learn the Vienna”
    Then proceeds to speed read through the whole fuckin thing…worthless!

  30. (I came) to brush my openings n Naka here just bombarded my brain with e4 sequences

  31. I’m sorry Levy, I’m cheating on your Vienna course with Hikaru’s

  32. What if they don't put their knight back to the starting square and instead they put their queen to e7 and pin the pawn?

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