Learn the London System | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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  1. I love all of your videos. I even bought a bundle from your site. Greetings from Biarritz, France from an Italian living abroad.

  2. … I watch the video once and am like alright I'll give the London a try, right now I'm 560 something but I just think I'm in elo hell and check mating my opponent with a very nice game

  3. Whassup Levy 🙂 I took from one of your videos today that playing several games a day and winning 50% of them is not real training! So here I am starting the journey of real study. And I decided to start with London. Really excited to start playing with all these lines. Amazing tips. I will watch this video every day for ten days and see if I have it all down. I can do rubiks cube in no time and can remember so many sequences. But chess still blows my mind!

  4. You seam like u really know what u r talking about, however as a beginner I have a very hard time following along. Many moves are mentioned without explanation

  5. Thank you Levy, I especially like the tactics of holding of on pawn c3, and the ease of bringing the Knight to c3 when Black plays the Q to b6, and the chance for the trap! 🙂

  6. Doug Lamb (beginner) Columbus, Ohio! Thx 🙏🏻, for the presentation. ♾ d

  7. Ghent, Belgium. I love your pace. Do you give private lessons?

  8. At 1:01 he says “you are delaying knight f3 and I will tell you for good reason you are delaying knight f3” before he moves pawn e3.
    But am I missing the “good reason” not to play knight f3 first? He never does explain it very well.

  9. 6:53 "black cannot survive this position"
    Black just pushes pawn ♟️ down to H6 and problem solved 😂

  10. Khujand, Tajikistan. Thanks for your videos.

  11. Watching from Bratislava (Slovakia).
    Som cool videos you got there:)

  12. I find few positions where robot suggests pawn pyramid c3 to fend off …Nb4. At tremendous depth it advises a3 to counter the position presented at 1:33. At similar positions, indeed c3 is best move but how is a noob supposed to tell when and when not to respond to Nb6? I need a 2 hour version of this I guess.

  13. I feel like all Agadmator does these days is copy Gotham's videos 😂

  14. Watched it now 3 times and made notes. Watching from the Netherlands. Still a low 800 player.

  15. i never capture the rook pawns i use THIER pawn as a good blocker i call it the "artichoke defence"

  16. Watcing from Levis, just across the river from Quebec city, in Canada!

  17. Watching this video from Hong Kong, China. Played chess for about 1 year, strict 1.e4 player and 1.d6 Pirc/King’s Indian player. I somehow lost against a 1900 where he played 1.e4 , screwed up the opening and we end up in a London. I was completely winning, but I got hit with a sacrifice on d5, and somehow threw a -7 position into a #7.(miscalculated queen sacrifice, thought it didn’t work but stockfish says it’s top move)That brings me to this video.

  18. 1. d4 2 c6 (in lieu of c5) 2. Bf4 Qb6 3. Bc3 Vaganian Gambit here, or must play 3. b3 ? Thx.

  19. I’m glad I watched it again because against c5 I keep going into the queens gambit

  20. I’d also love maybe an updated video of this. 10 min London update review

  21. I have so many wonderful ideas how to beat a castled King with the London and then they just don't castle.

  22. 2:22 "random move from black"
    Literally my opponent doing doing a move and the whole video is unnecessary 😭

  23. Is there a response of e4 when you start with d4? I am very new to this

  24. I'm kind of wondering what the London of the black pieces is like an opening you can use and modify vs everything?

    Also watching from melb Australia 🇦🇺

  25. Why has this 10 minute video taken me 6 hours to watch? 🤣

  26. I have been stuck between 660 points at sometimes hitting 715 points. I watched this a few times and went up over 100 points in 24 hours. So happy lol

  27. Today I won two games with the London System. I blundered in the middle, but my opponent blundered twice, and I won. Next I played an almost perfect game. I appreciate London very much.

  28. Hilo, Hawaii. New chess player, but I am pathetically hooked.

  29. All of these assume that the opponent doesn't do exchanges before the main setup, it seems?

  30. Levy, this video provided me with not only a fresh perspective on the London system (which was getting kinda of stale for me) but also the king’s Indian. With renewed vigor i proceeded to absolutely demolish 3 players in a row.

    Good stuff. Thanks for the instruction

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