Learn the Best Openings with Hikaru | Legendary Openings 5

Hikaru plays a speedrun with only Legendary and Unbreakable Openings from the Tier List Video Series for Beginners that starts here: Legendary Opening Speedrun 5


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  1. I wonder how many people reported you that day 😅

  2. If you really wanted to help the chess community you would take on Eric Hansen in chess boxing

  3. i am waiting for "TOP G" speed run 😎

  4. Moving to Kick was a great idea, unfortunately your Mods are sabotaging you and banning people for no reason

  5. This isn’t appropriate conversation for a speed run teaching openings. Time and place for everything. Kick membership and streaming has nothing to do with learning openings.

  6. The photoshopped pictures of you kill me haha. Starts off Hollywood then the video starts and it's bollywood😅

  7. How can i change the color of the arrows, I really hate de default orange

  8. I'm native spanish speaker and I just wanted to said that hikaru have a clear Spanish pronunciation, with accent, but clear.

  9. 14:10 Hikaru: "He can't castle because then he gets mated." Opponent: Castles

  10. Hikaru would be the last person I will learn openings from

  11. One very truly super great Incredible legendary opening has to be the Irish/Chicago gambit

  12. I hope Hikaru never stops streaming and if his viewers lose interest, the internet just syphons some more… There's no point in streaming if there's no interest but Chess will always have novices so I'm hopeful

  13. ngl just watching your video while playing chess makes me more motivation

  14. Hikaru casually killing players that i struggle with like its nothing

  15. The board colors fit the theme really well imo. even though it hurts my eyes a little lol.

  16. How does he make the highlight bright pink? I know u can do like red green orange etc but how pink?!

  17. How do you get gold board and pink highlights and arrows

  18. love that y'all added the chat into the videos, great decision

  19. could you do an openings video on the Sicilian? since there are many variations, do the one you enjoy playing the most.

  20. 22:15 یک دو سه چهار شش پنج
    Really surprised to hear hikaru speak persian

  21. I was on Gotham chess but frigging Hikaru is better at teaching. Talking thinking and playing at the same time champion!

  22. I'm just laughing at the comments section melting down over a move to a different streaming service (I think?) while we're here chilling on Youtube and literally nothing has changed for us

  23. Love the speed run content but would like the conversation to be more about what's happening on the board than about kick or twitch.

  24. the "ok lets keep going right before the end of the video always jebaits me

  25. This video could be titled: « I play until I am banned for cheating »

  26. Wow there are alot of baby's in the comments 😭I don't like the color lol wow yes cause he cares what color you like if it help him play better then I don't think one person crying is gonna change anything.
    Just what and learn👍🏼🤠

  27. When hikaru lined up the queen and both tools:

    That's not a battery, that's a pain train

  28. For hikaru all playing like ass , im rated 950 in blitz and people play fucking hard

  29. Hikaru's 28?! I thought he was like, 35-37

  30. As soon as hikaru references a game from the 1800's that followed the line you're playing, you know you lost already.

  31. This chat is fucking insufferable. Not to mention Hikaru's inability to not respond to literally every dumb question. Like damn man, 90% of this is him breathlessly explaining something to some chatter who's probably like a 12 year old on the toilet or something.

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