Knuckles reacts to chess openings


  1. Knuckles Based for not accepting the Fr*nch

  2. brooo wdym queens gambit not good they nmamed a netti4fllix jhshow aftret it
    edit: you also forgor about grob

  3. I have NEVER seen this format before and it feels like a dream lol, seems really outlandish and scrappy yet unique

  4. why krunkles decline the king's gambit? i love king's gambit i'll accept it!(after e4 e5 f4 exf4 Nf3 i'll play d6 the fisher defense)

  5. how can he do my boy the caro like that 😭😭 also where the fuck was the scotch

  6. Русская озвучка Наклза лучше)))

  7. Can we get a part 2 for birds opening pls

  8. The last one is actually the most shittiest move I have ever seen in my life

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