Know Your Gambits | 40 Chess Gambits

A collection of chess gambits (40). Your welcome.

List of gambits in this video :
1.Stafford Gambit
2.Englund Gambit
3.Vienna Gambit
4.Benko Gambit
5.blackmar-Diemer Gambit
6.From’s Gambit
7.Kong’s gambit
8.Queen’s Gambit
9.Budapest Gambit
10.Evans Gambit
11.Latvian Gambit
12.Danish Gambit
13.Goring Gambit
14.Scotch Gambit
15.Alvin Counter Gambit
16.Marshall Gambit
17.Elephant Gambit
18.Tennison Gambit
19.Philidor Gambit
20.Cochrane Gambit
21.Blumenfeld Gambit
22.Urusov Gambit
23.Traxler Counter Gambit
24.Manhattan Gambit
25.Halloween Gambit
26.Orthoshnapp Gambit
27.Bronstein Gambit
28.Lemberger Gambit
29.Spielmann Gambit
30.Paris Gambit
31.Bucker Gambit
32.Sturm Gambit
33.Wagner – Zwitersch Gambit
34.Swiss Gambit
35.Ryder Gambit
36.McDonnell Gambit
37.Hubsch Gambit
38.Williams Gambit
39.Jerome Gambit
40.Beyer Gambit

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  1. Just waiting for a technology that makes white win a chess 100% of the time.

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