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  1. Ah wow. cxb5 Kh3!If b1=R or b1=Q It's stalemate.If b1=N then Kb4 and black is losing the pawn- Draw.if b1=B Kb4 Bd3 a4 and it's a draw. If something like Kd3 then Kxb2 and it's a draw.

  2. Мой ход король на д3 объясните,что не так с моей позицией

  3. Facil tomas caballo coronas alfil blanco , proteges peon con alfil y el resto se cuenta sólo

  4. For those who doesn’t understand there are three possibilities, First if pawn takes the night the king will go to A3 so promoting to a black queen will result in a stalemate, if black doesn’t take and promotes, then its a fork from the knight with the king and the new promoted queen, if black takes and promotes to a knight, the king will attack the unprotected pawn and then defend its A pawn so he will win, cuz 1 knight vs 1 pawn, the pawn will win in a promotion, or will end up in a draw

  5. Knight was a good move cuz if black pawn takes knight then promotes to queen it’s stale mate
    But if it dosent take and promotes to queen it’ll be a fork with black king and queen and white reversed it’s odds

  6. А если он пешку в слона или коня превратит?

  7. Кто на это клюнет? Я просто проведу пешку на с5 с дальнейшей идеей создания пешки на б2 в другую фигуру. Или вообще проведу пешку на с6

  8. Black pawn takes night check that move did nothing

  9. that's a best move to stalemate a loosing game genius

  10. No, not brilliantly move of night. Because,
    Cxb5†; K a3 or b3 – b1 Q and black wins.

  11. After Nb5:
    if cxb5+, Ka3, and if b1=Q, it leads to stalemate. White king has no more legal move because the Queen controls b-file and b5 pawn controls a4 square, and white can't move the only pawn since it's blocked by its king.

    Conclusion: the b2 pawn actually was loss because it leads to stalemate, the other pawn was too slow to promote that even knight could just create blockade the black pawn or sac itself.
    While the white pawn also unable to promote since it's on a-file which all of these is a draw.

  12. When pawn takes the king goes to a3 and black cannot promote because it would be stalemate

  13. Pawn kills knight, I’ve seen a couple of these off

  14. Brilliant move, will likely end in stalemate but white could still lose. Black king is too far away to protect a pawn — Black move is Kd3, if white moves their king, they lose. If white moves their knight or pawn, a pawn gets promoted and another brilliant move is needed to continue.

  15. This is blunder 💀

    Edit : nvm it’s actually brilliant either draw or stalemate

    2nd edit : wait actually black can win so it is a blunder anyway

  16. If Black promotes knight, doesn't his pawn arrive first?

  17. What if black attack white's knight and then black push a pawn and make knight
    So that's not brilliant move

  18. А ничего что та пешка может съесть коня

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