Kings gambit in Tamil,chess openings,chess strategies,ideas, for white in Tamil chess channel

Watch this video of King’s gambit in Tamil chess channel, chess openings in Tamil, chess strategies for white and black in Tamil, how to play chess without stress tension in Tamil, become a grandmaster in Tamil.

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  1. the game was played in mc invitational . not in online nations cup

  2. Naandha annaiku argue why shd nt play Nf3 as 3 rd move..😁😁🤣

  3. Good one and nice explaination… செஸ் வெல்ல பொறுமை மற்றும் சமயோசிதம் அவசியம் என்பதை உங்கள் சேனல் மூலம் நான் உணர்ந்து கொண்டேன்

  4. Chess video epdi edit panringa…pls sollunga…

  5. Intha Gambit nama Paul morphikku pudikum pola avur database la intha game tha neraiya irukku

  6. bro sisillianla end variation play pannalum namb Ella variationuku ora mathiri play panura mathiri edavadu variation aeruka bro namba

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