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  1. Look, there are 33 legal moves including queen e2. The difficult thing about chess is spotting good and bad moves. Once the opponent move, you have to analyze what they done, so never say the theoretical opponent WILL do this, always says IF, because you can be faced with a random a3 pawn push, be surprised and destroyed by it as I have in my years of playing recreational chess hahahah

    Though queen e2 makes sense to pin the pawn to the king.


  3. White will instead to put Queen on E2.
    My Opponent : Dream

  4. But now my enemy also knows this 😑

  5. Can confirm, works on people who don’t think one move ahead or more.

  6. If you want chess lovers to follow you, then you should not say : "bishop to f5", when he steps on f6. 😕

  7. ngl he kinda sounds like chris griffey but intelligent

  8. Can guarantee if I played 400 matches, my opponent wouldn’t play those moves

  9. If they take the rook and give up the queen wouldnt whites position be worth the -2 in pieces??

  10. This will be played in 0 of my matches because no one plays the King's gambit and if they did I'd just play the main line because King's gambit is already losing 🤣

  11. Literally no one and I mean no one would bring their queen out like that

  12. "White won't take but will play queen here."
    And that's where you lost me cause I know my opponents will play every move under the sun except that one.

  13. It’s not about using the exact line, it’s about learning the position and applying that to your game smh

  14. I like doing kings gambit so by knowing this, I can avoid this to happen to me.

  15. Him: White will instead go for Qe2
    Opponent: *exc6

  16. This is the best chess channel and straight to the point

  17. What if the opponent uses that pawn and removes your pawn instead of using queen?

  18. Did anyone see queen to e2 when they played this. I have a hard time believing anyone would play that.

  19. What i need to do if white play something else instead of queen ?

  20. It starts with moves that no one ever plays after the 4th move

  21. I think I’m better off buying a lotto ticket

  22. So these are the people I come up against at 700 elo

  23. bruh out of like 200 thousand kings gambit proly like 3 guys have take the pawn on b7

  24. “Fuckbeer counter gambit”
    “Nimzobitch counter gambit”
    What’s happening with my brain cells

  25. The white will not move c4 the white gonna go to scatch variation

  26. POV: after 100 games nobody played there kings gambit

  27. Only 3% of players on lichess play Qe2 (few thousand) in that position, and then the trap is much rarer since only 91 games have been played with it on lichess (out of millions)
    But it's a good tactic in general since I have personally trapped some people that didn't have an f-pawn and their queen was on g3 before in other positions, not this exact one before.

  28. Somebody almost tricked me using this counter gambit, i was practicing King's Gambit and the person did the early part of the video. I thought my opponent only copying my moves and I ended up winning 💀

  29. 4% play this queen move in that exact position, all these traps look good but youll almost never pull them off, instead just learn the game and dont waste your time with remembering useless information or atleast use traps that are common

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