King Hunt in King’s Gambit | Amazing Checkmate

King Hunt in King’s Gambit | Amazing Checkmate

** this is one of the amazing checkmate chessgame ever played
** this amazing checkmate happens in kings gambit
** in this chessgame, from the opening part , white starts to sacrifice many pieces.
** black starts to accept all the sacrifice.
** so in the middlegame, white is lead in development and he decided to checkmate the black king by few more sacrifices.
** after few sacrifice, black king is very weak which leads to deliver amazing checkmate.

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  1. if he takes with the pawn and not with the king?

  2. what if he takes the bish with the pawn?

  3. ¡ Y esa Torre en f1 con los nervios de acero y el cuchillo al cuello mirando y participando en el ataque! ¡Increíble! ¡Lindo Gambito de Rey!

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