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Have you heard of him? John Tracy? We have not! But we still have the games, so today it’s John Tracy Gambit day. And what a gambit it is… Sacrificing a pawn without seemingly any counterplay – is that even possible?!

Two games show that, in fact, this line is surely playable, and even leads to interesting positions for White! In game 1 we have Robert James Fischer showing us how cool that opening can be. Playing against 54 players he probably decided to wing this one and sac a pawn. Little did he know about the three guys standing behind this one chess board where he produced the John Tracy Gambit, or so the story goes…
Game 2 is a recent game, where two Italian Daniels show how cool this line is. One small mistake of Black, and suddenly White is in the driver’s seat! White never let’s go and gets a deserved win!

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  1. I have no idea who John Tracy is. I came here because chess dot com said I used a John Tracy gambit and I want to learn what it is.

  2. I'm going to claim this gambit for myself as my name is John Tracy.

  3. Acabo de jugar una partida blitz y me propuso el gambito john tracy (ELO 600) y vine a ver qué onda

  4. I definitely accidentally played this opening, but still ended up winning. Perhaps John Tracy was secretly a genius?

  5. Found this video after I accidentally played it in speed chess and found my mistake had a name! I happened to win the game, but I suspect there's a very good reason no-one has heard of him.

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