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  1. what if they use the pawn to take the bishop instead of yhe queen

  2. Bro need help most of the time it doesn’t work they make a move that ruins the entire thing, or don’t make the opening needed to initiate the trap… please give over perspectives on how the trap can be made and other counters for any other moves the opposition make.

  3. 99% of ppl would’ve taken with the pawn tho

  4. Wait ive been playing the italian since the beginning?!

  5. I just realized i was playing a perfect Italian Game and i didnt even notice…

  6. I swear I played a game exactly like this a few hours ago🤣🤣

  7. When opponents do not take it with their queen

  8. Who else thought he was about to drop a banger because it said "trap" 😂

  9. thx you but when i 1v1 they already know bruh

  10. I would have blundered with my rooks. Honestly.

  11. Is it just me who rarely play Italian game.

  12. Love that this trap asks almost nothing or me where as all the “mate in 8 moves” stuff is super risky, sacrifices a piece and relies often on fragile Hope-chess etc

  13. expects the queen to take it

    pawn takes it instead

  14. Bro i was playing the Italian game without i know 😆

  15. well, that's not really A trap. lol. it's almost a whole game of chess. as soon as a game has 15+ moves – the probability of it all exactly going THAT way is exponential. so – nice example but not really a TRAP. lol Jeez.

  16. I go through this opening all the tome

  17. Not for nothing but Evans gambit gives you a much better position if bc5 occurs

  18. What if the pawn takes the first bishop instead of the queen🙄🙄

  19. When player move pawn and take your bishop instead of queen 🗿

  20. It works perfect if you play against yourself

  21. This is not a trap. It's part of the opening theory. Books literally explain why Be6 is a bad idea. This is why we study openings. It's like this guy read a chapter on italian game, read the part where the book explained a bad line for black and posted a video with the word "trap" on it. Well played tho, you got lots of views for doing this.

  22. Why don't you cover decent openings so your fans can win their games if the opponent is not an idiot

  23. Bro it doesn't work as black have the defence, after white plays d4 e takes on d4 c takes on d4 then Bishop b4 check knight takes on b4 then black can simply play Bishop takes on c4 and material on board would be equal

  24. After black plays bishop c5 you can do the legendary Jerome Gambit


  26. I can't memorize these at all once💀

  27. What if he takes the bishop with the pawn

  28. what if the pawn takes the knight….everything is over

  29. no bro there big mistake in this there's pawn that take

  30. If they make any moves that don’t fall into any Italian game Traps Wether it’s fried liver attack or Italian gambit You’ll just keep developing build a pawn structure get your king to safety by castling play the middle game and endgame solidly

  31. i like forking opponents with this opening . i mistakely played italian opening i guess

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