Italian Gambit – Chess Opening

The Italian Gambit starts with 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4. d4 and is an aggressive line in the Italian Game. For more chess openings check out


  1. Urussov gambit scotch gambit ,italiian gambit .. good choice (en White) .
    For win. Thanks !

  2. I didn’t realize you still upload. Just telling you if you can hear me, a few years ago, when I was 10 or 11, I can remember sitting down at the computer for much of the summer vacation days, watching your videos and trying the openings on Recently been getting into chess and your videos again.

  3. What's the best continuation in variation 1 where black goes Nxd4 then white takes pawn with knight Nxe5 and black goes Ne6??

  4. Please make a video on grand prix from black pieces

  5. Here’s a stupid question. Why not take black knight with white knight and so on. Scene ending with white Qd4?

  6. What if they move knight to h6 after knight e5?(1.06)

  7. Im Italian so I only play the dago gambit

  8. I always do the Max Lange attack if my opponent takes with the pawn. Basically I just castle and if Nf6 then e5

  9. 9:39 how about Qh5? black wont be able to push the g7 pawn because you would be able to take the knight, and you cant push the f7 pawn either because it would be an illegal move

  10. For the Nd4 variation, after Ne5, how would you handle Qg5 (Blackburn-shilling gambit)?

  11. i need this kind of vids but for non retards XD
    i dont want to offend s.o. but its way too beginner

  12. 11:25 Qd5 wins the dark squared black bishop right?

    Edit: Qd5 meets Qe7 defending F7 and C5, play Bxf7 and if king takes you can then follow up with Qd5, if not the king is displaced and you have great compensation for a pawn

  13. after the white plays knight to E5 , why the black doesnot play his knight to H6 ?

  14. at 3:45, you cant play Qh5 because black queen will capture it, as i think

  15. Hey great video but you didn't say what to do it the black bishop goes to B4 and she is your king.

  16. But, if he play Qf6 at 10:49
    Then my (N) will can't take his rock (R)😰😥

  17. What about on the first line if black brings his knight to e6

  18. Love your videos . Most higher rated players get to the position at the 11 minute, which white proceeds to a normal game. AN ALTERNATIVE to this and the evans is an aggressive opening I like to spring on opponents. At move 4, white bishop takes f7, check. King captures. White knight takes pawn, check. Black knight captures. Queen to h5, check. If king moves, the knight falls.. If knight stops the queen check by going to g6, the bishop falls. White is down 1 point but black cannot castle, kingside is shattered. Black will be hard pressed to protect an exposed king AND develop his pieces. White is free to develop, castle either side and keep black on the defensive. All at the cost of 1point!! I think white is in an awesome position after seven moves. I have yet to have an opponent develop a coherent strategy, especially since they never played this opening. Try it! Comments?

  19. I didnt like the gambit very much, Black has a lot of defenses, however it is playable of course,

  20. 1:45 why don't we play with the bishop on f7? ( the queen must take out the bishop and then we attack with the knight, taking down the queen)

  21. The f2 square is quite fragile at some point and taking knight on c2 will end up in instant mate

  22. 1:04 cant they just move knight h6 and protect their f7 pawn??

  23. I just used what I learned on this video to win a game. What a great feeling. Thank you

  24. 3:47 QH5 is a blunder right? I mean thats A free lady
    Edit: if! Black dont move his/her queen

  25. At 2:50 black could play Qd4 and if white takes the knight on c2 without thinking then Qf2#. So white should probably play Qe2+ and he is still better.

  26. 6:086:14
    why didn't black pick up bishop with queen? Kd3 -> Qf7! (instead of d6)

  27. Good video, I like this gambit but most of these lines I didn't really play. At 11:25 there is a way better continuation, that's the one i mostly get into, instead of taking the pawn back, you take F7 with the bishop, check, after king takes, queen to d5 check (soonyou are getting a bishop back) if the king moves to the white square you check again on h5 before taking the dark bishop, they usually play g6, weakening even more the king side, after you take the bishop you can castle and return the queen to a safer position, you are not in a hurry to capture the pawn with the knight because the capture on b2 actually helps you even more, targeting the weak king side with your bishop, however if after a couple of moves they dont capture, it means they realized this and there is no point in keep waiting, and they can even play pawn to c2 just to annoy you

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