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A fun and tricky gambit for the White pieces: the Tennison. The Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Variation. Best achieved after Nf3 d5 e4, but can also be added to your 1. e4 repertoire.

0:00 Intro

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  1. How the fuckkkkkk you just saw that and you saved me from that embarrassment

  2. ケイちゃん⫽CMYK8964⫽聴覚魅了誘発機器 says:

    I lowkey love that the chess community made the Bosnian Ape Society shitpost into an actual chess strategy.

  3. You can turn this into the London (c) Levy Goth.

  4. Can I use cruise missiles for this gambit aswell?

  5. I found your channel through this video last year

  6. Hats off to the people who gave it the name

  7. i do not understand the words that are coming out of your mouth

  8. xjdbdjsdkfjrjdndjdjdnfkrkrndkdkssndjdkdjxbdkdndndn says:

    Always use A Patriot Air Defence System while playing Chess with Putin.

  9. "What is that? This is the UGLIEST pawn formation I have EVER seen."

  10. i prefer the one that actually uses a real intercontinental ballistic missile

  11. Chess 2 should have a deployable nuke after taking all pieces except king. Endgame is kinda boring.

  12. Levy actually showed a losing line with taking the pawn on c7 ofter ICBM due to there being Night c6 which traps ur queen

  13. What if they immediately to try to attack the knight?

  14. Come play chess! we have INTERCONTINENTAL BALLISTIC MISSLE (pew)

  15. Not kidding, this is the first opening I ever learned.

  16. Finally worked for me hahaha was so satisfying

  17. tried this my opponent copied the night i still won

  18. Who said chess didnt have any modern updates?

  19. i once made a player resign 1 move before checkmate via pawn

    edit i moved my white tile bishop once a pawn once and just moved a pawn the oppenent dint even try to capture he just left it there untill it attacked the queen and if he take with queen it would be check if his bishop captures i capture with my queen checkmating his king. in 2 mins

  20. Watched it before yours. Months before. Love you both.

  21. i’ve been playing this for the past month and i’ve always known this as the reti gambit but i like icbm more

  22. Me : Tries the gambit, 1.Nf3
    My Opponent : 2.a6

  23. whenever i try to play chess, my computer gets taken out by a French Leclerc main battle tank.

  24. ICBM gambit, bishop c4, this man is literally teaching war crimes via board game 😂

  25. Okay, I’m gonna go use it!

    1. e4, e5


  26. Taking the pawn is really bad because Nc6 trapping the queen

  27. there is also a variation is this where you mate in 9 moves

  28. Oh, i can boom my oponent? Oh wait this is not what i expected

  29. pretty sur that would lead to International economic sanctions

  30. A good way to deflect the icbm opening is to promote the rook to the rook anti aircraft variant to shoot down the icbm

  31. I was tired of the Scandinavian and I remember you posted this video so mid game I watch this (it was a 10 minute game) I got it (they were 1,000) and then I disconnected and lose im destined to lose to the Scandinavian

  32. I have to be the one to point it out but your riding a Meteor missile a very advanced bvr missile but not a icbm.

  33. Man fuck this book just use a nuke -Sun tzu , Art of War

  34. I like starting with Nf3 and switching to the King's Indian Attack if they play anything other than d5.

  35. You cannot convince me that the Reverse Jalalabad is a real chess opening

  36. This reminds me of the pre-move trap from the englund gambit.

  37. International Code of Botanical Nomenclature

  38. Please do a video on the HAXO GAMBIT I WOULD LOVE IT LEVI

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