I Killed the Stafford Gambit


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  1. Not losing a single pawn against the stafford when there are so many sacrifice lines. Hats off, well played game!

  2. They dared to use your own spells against you…

  3. That's what I look for in a Stafford Gambit: super slow, solid gradual improvement. 🤣🤣🤣

  4. A solid masterpiece; slowly and methodically killing your opponent, Petrosian would be proud.

  5. Super slow and solid is not what a Stafford Gambit player wants to see as a response. 😅

  6. Stafford Gambit is a funny way to spell the Rosen Gambit

  7. This feels sort of familiar, I remember feeling a twinge or two of guilt when I took on the Englund Gambit (which used to be one of my pet lines) with White and went into the critical line ending in 7.Rb1 Qa3 8.Nd5, catching Black's king in the centre. But there was to be no silver lining for me, as I misplayed the resulting "plus 2" positions and eventually lost…

  8. Imagine having the nerves to play the very gambit Eric excelled at and popularized against him.

  9. I don’t play often, but when I play black I always play the Stafford. (Sadly most Whites avoid going into the stafford)

  10. The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house.

  11. At 10:42 e5 wins you a knight and a bishop in exchange for a bishop and a pawn, no?

  12. So good at involving the king before the endgame starts

  13. I don't think I've ever seen an endgame where one side still had all 8 pawns. That has to be Rosen Prize in itself.

  14. Love the thumbnail. Super fun content as always

  15. Who in their right mind would play the Stafford against you?

  16. "The smiley face mate!" Lol, Eric has a very creative way of looking at chess positions.

  17. Watching you play on the receiving end of the Stafford is alwys pleasant. Thanks for your uploads, I enjoy them very much.

  18. Woah on move 31 the opponent had Bh5, winning the exchange.

  19. After f4 theres bh5! And all of a sudden the game gets hard

  20. It's not surprising that you killed it.
    What's surprising is that they were crazy enough to play it against you.

    With cojones that big, I don't know how he sits down.

  21. C4 instead of a4 was better move I believe getting the push in early to entice a blunder…

  22. f3 is what i play, you did be2 line. rev of white sac for this, being white here, you have one move up in this line. The line, 1. e4 e5 2. nf3 nf6 3. bc4 nxp 4 .0-0 f6 5. nh4 g6….

  23. My guy raised the Stafford gambit from obscurity and smothered it back to it's grave, now one with the discount Stafford traxler hybrid busch gass gambit

  24. Could black win an exchange with 31. … Bh5 ?

  25. „I was preparing the Smiley Mate“ 😂

  26. I think you blundered a skewer on your rooks when offering a queen trade, but your opponent didn't see it. I loved the game anyway

  27. 2:37 yea and i don't like tou anymore
    I used to win online tournaments with stafford
    You analysed it , brought it in the mainstream😅

  28. The Stafford gambit is dead. Long live the Stafford gambit.

  29. At 13:55, the move F5 would not necessarily be a blunder. If black takes F5, you follow up with E5, and after BxD3, xD6, RxE3, you would play d7 with no defense against D8D. Actually BxF5 loses a piece.

  30. Every time I see "Stafford Gambit", I don't even need to guess who the content creator was.. lmao.

  31. That game was boring – I want to see high risk games.

  32. You dare use my own spell against me, Potter?

  33. I love your advice, you sound very relaxed, and you never use inappropriate language for children to hear.

  34. I'm no chess player myself so probably that's why I can't understand how you can say you killed the Stafford Gambit by winning a game that was almost 50 moves. Like, what do these endgame positions even have in common with the opening…

  35. I find this fan base of the Stafford Gambit so weird..
    It might work here and there in fast time controls, but literally everyone who plays in classical tournaments should have easy play with it.

    One tournament I was in, I played in the lowest bracket where people had 800-1200 National Elo, I got shown a game where somebody played against the Stafford for the first time.

    It seemed sooo comfortable for white. You just play solid and be happy about your two center pawns.

    Like people who hype up the Stafford probably never played them in long time controls where you can think 15 minutes per turn in critical positions.

    Having such a positional weakness as black from turn 3 onwoards must be so exhausting.

    You basically gave up the center and now have to be on the defense for the next 3 hours. Seems just horrid

  36. So the refutation of the Stafford Gambit is not casting King's side.

  37. A 2000 trying to defeat Eric Rosen using the Stafford Gambit. You can't make this stuff up!

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