How To Play The Queen’s Gambit

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  1. That fishing pole bait was so awesome, I used it and boom checkmate

  2. Amazing stuff I can play opening perfectly and I'm still hanging my queen right after 😅

  3. I just lost NNN on the thumbnail 💀💀💀

  4. it is not 10 minutes it is 14 minutes

  5. Regozen defense gives a free bishop with Qa4 check? Or what am i missing?

  6. can you explain whats so bad about moving the f pawn

  7. Me as an 800 praying my opponent plays what levy shows me. 😅

  8. Ever since i watched this vid, never lost a game as white(10 win streak)

  9. C’mon dude don’t photoshop a dress onto yourself. It’s not manly

  10. I play queen's Gambit for all my matches. I always end up gambiting my queen

  11. What do I do when I take the center with both pawns and black attacks my e pawn with a knight

  12. The problem is, I play in such a low level that the opponents never play anything like this. Its always some weird stuff and I end up loosing

  13. This man’s mind is beautiful and I totally bought his book!

  14. Thanks. However, the print covers the board

  15. 🙋
    thank you so much for this !!!

  16. After loving the kings gambit , i wanna practice the queens gambit.

  17. I think the queen's gambit goes like c2-4 pawn and d2-4 pawn 💀

  18. Queen was actually Wazir as per Indian Chess which makes sense, and Wazir is not Queen instead he is the Prime Minister. I don't know why English people call it queen because in actual world queen has no power but Prime Minister used to be powerful warrior.

  19. e4 is a mistake cause it blocks Queen crucial move

  20. one way 2 play no guarantee blk will play that

  21. At the 1:50 mark it said the pawn can’t take the pawn because the rook is there but if they took the pawn then the rook can’t do anything so I don’t get it pleases help me

  22. Playing the computer I kept getting killed when gambit accepted, K to c3 then black plays pawn to e5 would love the best play for white. 12 unsuccessful attempts to counter this move. Love the videos

  23. Fab stuff. So QGD you develop both Knights and then bring bishop to g5, possibly preparing queen to c2 and then pawn to A4 to create a fishhook. Hmm.

  24. Welcome new chess fans! Anyone here after watching the Netflix miniseries?

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