How To Play The NEW Chungus Gambit 🚨 #chess #shorts


  1. I swear people nowadays naming new gambits with very stupid and not even related names 😭💀

  2. Black should not takevthe knight back . Win the Q instead. B*F2 check, K*F2 , Q*Q !

  3. What if our opponents know how to play chess?

  4. Scholars mate: Stupidly prolonged edition

  5. Bro this opening stinks. Its good if you want to lose elo

  6. Exchange french ✖️
    He accepted the chun ☑️

  7. Why didn’t the white pieces become grey

  8. This moron Used Top chess opening just to make this one video

  9. New gambit just dropped, this a teaser for Chess 2?

  10. Bruh I got hit with the chungus gambit earlier today

  11. But if it goes wrong you’re in a terrible position and you lost so many pieces

  12. Too risky and if they dont follow the path, youre down pawns and left in a bad position.

  13. Bro this gambit is not safe because white will advance e4 by e5

  14. Just do nc3 d5 e4 pawn takes on e4 ng5 defend on nf6 bd3 idk and pawn is trying to kick ur knight h6 and now nxd7+ and now its a fork and a brilliant move your opponent kings would take it and bf6+ its a great move and your opponent king would definitely take it and now u get the free queen qxd8 and now what if ur opponent plays nc6 you play qxc7 this took me so long to do

  15. There is something called knight defends f square by blocking it

  16. Of creator of top chess and chess memes

  17. him in another video:Ok guys we have a gigachad gambit

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