How to Play the Danish Gambit in 3 Minutes | Ultra Aggressive Chess

If you crave the attention of casual chess players, you need to play aggressive openings. Luckily, this video elucidates the intricacies of one of the most aggressive openings that doesn’t suck with exhaustive detail.

To be honest, if they decline the gambit you are probably going to lose, but you will at least score the moral victory because they bitched out.


  1. How is there a pawn infront of the Queen lol u dnt no what ur doing

  2. Why so many ads in the chess presentation? We lose concentration.

  3. As handsome and gifted as you aren’t 😅😅😅

  4. Look at your thumbnail for this video. How the he'll did you lose a pawn on that file and have both bishops in the game? Your opponent moved once😂😂😂. Don't believe it

  5. 2:12 thank you. long aweful day and this was my first genuine laugh of the day.

  6. 0:45– my opponent moved the pawn forward, attacking my queen. I took with my queen. Then I was down a pawn and in bad position.

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