How to Play the Danish Gambit in 3 Minutes | Ultra Aggressive Chess

If you crave the attention of casual chess players, you need to play aggressive openings. Luckily, this video elucidates the intricacies of one of the most aggressive openings that doesn’t suck with exhaustive detail.

To be honest, if they decline the gambit you are probably going to lose, but you will at least score the moral victory because they bitched out.


  1. Great video! Funny AND very efficiently explained

  2. I like your bragging ability more than chess but tnx for the video anyway

  3. opponent declined the gambit the very first time I tried it ;-;

  4. This is the best chess channel I’ve seen so far

  5. Is there a name for a very similar gambit, which goes e4, and after black responds c5 instead of e5, then offers (almost forces) the same continuation as danish with d4. In my few experiments with it, I've had much higher rate of acceptance and higher rate of wins after this variation (3 out of 3 for each) Maybe it's the face-down Danish?

  6. 1:50 there is a very good one , Sir!

    "For a man that's handsome and gifted like you aren't." 😀

  7. 😂😂😂 this just made me stop crying this shit is hilarious

  8. Fuck gotham. This is my favourite series.

  9. So underrated this channel is. Hope you get more subs soon. Love to see more style videos about other things 2. You have a good style

  10. Eh, doesn't this fall apart if black does not take the third pawn and just plays knight (and possibly bishop and queen)?

  11. Sadly whenever I try this they never take the b2 pawn 🙁

  12. The Alekhine's Defence is a great aggressive opening against 1. e4!

  13. It's the sense of humour for me…😂😂😂😂

  14. Best danish gambit tutorial out there. How does this not have more views than Levi’s idk

  15. White's objective is to form the en potence at once and afterward to establish the grand left oblique, while the minor crochet covers the right wing against the adverse major front echelon. The minor left oblique refused is inferior to all strategic fronts directed either by the right or by the left or by the right refused.

  16. There is a mistake in 2:11 if the bishop takes the f7 pawn the king can directly take the bishop the bishop rather than moving to e6 first

  17. I love your sense of humour. The video clips make it a lot of fun.

  18. Brilliant and hilarious at the same time – winner

  19. You've just earned my sub, keep making more!

  20. I used to play the Italian opening. But recently I have used the Danish and have had good results.

  21. Bro, the most fun and fastest chess video I've ever seen. If I'd found your videos earlier, I'd still suck, but, I don't know where i was going with this. Keep up the great work!

  22. I love this Gambit. what about when black checks white with immediate Bb4, white can shuffle the king over to F1 safety. Luring The black Queen onto the e-file and then later winning it with Rook e1. is that also a good line? why didn't you mention it?

  23. being a nerd with a sprinkle of comedy…this is perfect

  24. I think I found the best Chess channel on Youtube. You are incredibly sharp my friend.

  25. couldnt stop laughing the entire time and still learned a ton

  26. I had someone go Qe7 and i was lost.. please help!!

  27. Super awesome video, please make more videos like this.

  28. Your power point presentation es ON POINT. Increasingly verbose, details, memes with a punch. Hilarious. Cheffs kiss

  29. like a chimp with lead poisoning..

    I never, I mean never laugh out loud but that did it!

  30. My self esteem is in tatters but I feel pretty confident about the Danish Gambit now

  31. Fuck me that was funny lol – laughing hard thanks for that.

  32. Stopping every five seconds writing it down and playing it…. Wow

  33. That comment on my loneliness hit a little too hard

  34. What about when black plays knight c6 defending their bishop on b4?

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