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The Giuoco Piano is said to be the oldest opening recorded in chess. Instead of developing the bishop to b5, white instead attacks the center and aims at the weak f7 square. After black responds bishop to c5 you see the tension building up in the center of the board.
1. e4 e5
2. Nf3 Nc6
3. Bc4 Bc5
The opening has been called the “quiet game” but for anyone who has played this opening, after the initial build-up in the center, the Giuoco Piano becomes anything but quiet. There will almost certainly be many exchanges in the middle as both sides vie for center control, opening the board up. White eventually plans to bring his pawn to d4 and black plans to bring his pawn to d5. As you can tell from the setup, there are no attacks from the outside but instead, everything runs through the middle. This opening is somewhat tricky and there are many variations that you may want to study more if you plan on playing the Giuoco Piano.
Watch the video above to watch more detailed explanations of the opening, multiple variations, and extended lines.

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  1. Las negras debieron comer dama por torre y después comer alfil con rey y quedarían en bastante ventaja de piezas

  2. What if black plays q× r ? He becomes better

  3. Pawn push to d6 gives black a defence after Ba3, better would've been to immediately challenge the black bishop with Qb3. After …Bxa1, Bxf7 Kf8, Ba3 Ne7, you take the black bishop on a1 with the rook and will put it on e1 afterward. The position isn't checkmate just yet but its still a guaranteed loss for black

  4. I used to play this gambit unknowningly but stucked at the point when the knight takes your pawn and you need to castel thanks for that…now i know what i should play 😈😈

  5. After white moves ba3,
    d6 stops all that nonsense and white is dead lost. These traps are for like 12-1300 players

  6. What if queen takes on e7? Is material up by a queen?

  7. Terrible attack, if black takes the rook with the queen, bishop takes queen, king takes bishop white is just down substantial material

  8. I sah this short started a game it was exactly like that but he didn't capture my pawn with the knight he played d5 and i didn't know what to do hahahah at the end i traded a Rook for one knight and one bishop

  9. only at 1000 elo😂 nobody plays Bb6 and after O-O nobody plays Bxc3 more like Nxc3 bxc3 and D5

  10. Bruh can’t they just do knight to d6 whilst also defending checkmate lol

  11. Qd5 is not mate!!! As black can moves and castle.

  12. А почему нельзя поставить белую ладью на F8, закончив двойным шахом и матом? Ладью прикрывает белый слон на A3.

  13. in 2nd variation there is a great move Qb3 instead of Ba3 that you have showed.

  14. Just a trap most people can be aware and it is not going to give you any experience. Just a dopamine rush for fools

  15. What if they capture your knight that's pinned with the bishop? I would like a video that covers that.

  16. I tried that last one but he captured the knight with the bishop. I have to see what i can do from this position.

  17. but dont move bxa1 move d6 and its good?

  18. He took it with the Bishop not the with the Knight. Then what?

  19. The problem is that after taking out bishop the opponent gets his other knight out and captures the pawn failing the whole plan

  20. How,, I like to make it as content😢😮

  21. If they don’t play a tracksler/ Giouco piano just play the fried liver attack fried liver attack and Italian game: Italian gambit Are my favourite openings at lower chess When playing white As black kings Indian Defense

  22. You can also do evans gambit(the opening AlphaZero uses) or the fried liver attack(a really good opening that will definitely crush players below 1200 elos)

  23. Tbh i would just use the evans gambit instead

  24. I tried this but the pawn advance to threaten the bishop

  25. I had to put this in my playbook!!!😁😁👍

  26. Qd5 doesn't work bc opponent can move the knight to d6 and defend mate while also defending the knight. Instead of playing hope chess you have to sacrifice bishop and then you can play Qd5 and fork the knight.

  27. This is a useless trick if black takes the pawn with the rook instead of the knight the whole plan fails.

  28. If you are playing as black D5, play D5 before taking the rook, that is at a bit of a positional advantage but it's a balanced game even at GM levels

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