How to Choose an Opening with Professor Hikaru

Hikaru plays an instructional viewer arena and reveals his the best advice for how to choose an opening.


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  1. Hajime Narukawa and Hikaru Nakamura. Two names I have to remember now.

  2. Nice to hear that you pronounced all hungarian names perfectly: Budapest, Keleti pu, … By the way pu means PalyaUdvar – trainstation 🙂

  3. These Professor Hikaru videos have been so informative at low levels it has inspired me to start playing again. Thanks for giving us this level of insight.

  4. Its checkmate because the king cant move anywhere

  5. Trying to play compete at chess has humbled my intelligence.

  6. What's the best app in the App Store? To learn how to play chess with ranking or which one do you use

  7. Other chess streamers: selling courses to become grand master

    Hikaru: literally making 400s to 2400

  8. You really need to talk less and just teach the opening because the more you talk the less we learn and you make yourself look so conceded

  9. I legit spat coffee at that influencers line

  10. Hikaru makes chess games look easy to play

  11. Такой противный язык… Слушать тяжело этот лающий голос.

  12. Crazy. When I play knight c6 they always attack and sac their white bishop. I dont know why they want to sac bishops for knights straight out of the opening. Though I'm only 1100 I simply can't believe how predictable it is.

  13. So, we don't play the london as a beginner because we can get a smurf who plays c5, qd6, kc6.

  14. aryihn tried to do the meme cuz he recognised you and you didnt do it :c

  15. At 45:29 Hikaru says he never heard of a grandmaster who got dementia/alzheimer. I can tell you from personal experience David Bronstein had both. And when I met him he was very non compos mentis, but he STILL was able to kick butt in a simul at Princeton-area chess club. So go figure that out. (Apparently V.Smyslov too, but I cannot tell you that from personal experience.)

    There was a paper in JAMA claiming activities like chess seem to reduce dementia risk by about 10%. So: hardly a cure-all, but seems to have some benefit.

  16. 1:15:41 I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out why you didnt just play bishop h6 and checkmate with queen, then I pressed play and that was the exact move you did. I just didnt look at the previous move and so didnt realise that you were avoiding an attack on the light squared bishop

  17. What is the conclusion of the video? Can someone give it in short? Dont wanna watch 1,5h thx.

  18. thank a lot for these useful leasons my professor 🙏🙏

  19. That 500 at the beginning honestly played really well!

  20. objectively great move, unfortunately in this position it doesn’t work. 😂 playing GM in chess in a nutshell

  21. damn that knight move from trabert was savage

  22. I play Karo Cann/ Slav and Differentiate Variations of the London. I learn from Alex Banzea. My goal is to become an IM some day. How many opening do I need to learn?

  23. is there a playlist with all the songs he plays live?

  24. hikaru's thumnail always hit me had💀

  25. Your not only a Chess Grand Master but a great Professor in Chess.

  26. In which timestamp choosing an opening topic comes?

  27. Hi Professor H, My son was very impressed with you and the Bongclound game 🙂 thanks for your sharing knowledge about chess.

  28. Really good video you are a genius love you

  29. Hikaru, some of us forget the fundamentals; I really appreciate you sharing this video and I think i'm playing better chess now.

  30. 12:49 im going to punish him very seriously 😂. Idk why, but this made me laugh.

  31. Came here for CHess. Learned Uno dos tres cuatro cinco seis siete

  32. I literally downloaded chess on my phone…followed some of your tips…barely defeated the Advanced AI…I suck…So much to learn lol

  33. Yeah these dumb influencers are coming to chess. Mark my word no influencer will ever be good at chess…

  34. I totally with what you said about the Modern. I'm "2006" USCF and I still don't know what I'm doing when I try to play it.

  35. "In honor of dave thomas"lol..subscribed

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