How to Checkmate your Opponent in 15 Moves / Danish Gambit #chess #MCCP #chessopenings #chessclub

How to Checkmate your Opponent in 15 Moves / Danish Gambit: Avocado Variation #chess #MCCP #chessopenings #chessclub #mccpvlog


  1. عامو به این بزرگی صفحه چسبونده به خودش

  2. Oh… skakmat double yg pas kuda…👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  3. This guy without the drink: 1300 eloThis guy with a drink: 3500 elo

  4. They look fake to me. Black could have killed the knight

  5. Black should consider king safety first instead of saving pawn

  6. This guy always win on this channel!! I dont think this is a real game

  7. Oh my, this is paul morphy game !!

    Just search, Paul Morphy plays Nh8 and it is checkmate, u will find the game guys !!

  8. Wasn’t there more moves 🤷🏽‍♂️

  9. This man always wins just by theory,not by thinking,this is the asian way of thinking in chess,exept russia

  10. El tipo sólo hace videos para subirse el ego. Resulta repugnante.

  11. The sign he's about to win is his drinking.

  12. La verdad qué éste ajedrez que juegan me esta dañando mi nivel porqué se me estan grabando en mi ajedrez los errerores que comete el adversario que juega contra este señor sobrador que la unica forma para que gane tiene quedan jugar contra anchovitas

  13. Он:только начал пить

  14. Srupuuut dia minum wkwkww.
    Dan serangan dimulai😂…

  15. Na cara q é tudo ensaiado pro mate , nenhum tonto sai jogando desse jeito !!

  16. Broo the guy playing with black is stoooopidd. Anyways this is just scripted chess. Good actor tho and these guys are not even 100 elo💀

  17. Проигрывать такому слабому игроку это надо уметь

  18. This guy always win when i watch his short videos

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