How to Beat Anyone at Chess with the Halloween Gambit

It’s spooky, it’s effective, it’s algorithmically opportune. The Halloween gambit is a chess opening that even the most mundane player will find exciting and refreshing.


  1. Sees Ben S upload…visible excitement…

  2. Please make a video about Kings Gambit and about Alexander Alekhine's "Alekhine Defense"

  3. Would love a video on najdorf or dragon sicilian, big support!❤

  4. Wow, this really is the most incredible video I have ever seen. There are no issues with the audio whatsoever, and those random clicking noises do not bother me even slightly. I am going to like and subscribe!

  5. If this channel was a stock and the subscribers were its price, I would bet all my money on it!

  6. What programs do you use to do these videos?

  7. Do a video on white e3 for an opening

  8. Pls do a video on the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit! i play this in all my games as white

  9. i just started getting into chess cause i notice chess videos were getting millions of views, so i had to see whats up
    im hooked now but still suck..glad i stumbled across this channel lol

  10. Your channel is underrated. Easier to follow than gothamchess for a noob like me, and in a bite size piece unlike gotham and eric rosen who talks like.a sloth. I subbed

  11. What Am i doing here
    Bongcloud? Again?
    Stockfish save me

  12. So happy to find your channel Ben..🙂

  13. The Alekhine's Defence is a great opening for content!

  14. I was unintentionally playing a variation of the Halloween gambit as ive been playing for ab a month and a half

  15. Man this maneuver sounds cool and i don't even play chess

  16. every time i hear
    the phh sound from no pop filter
    tells me i am bad

  17. Thanks for you clear explanation in all lines I know this gambit too powerful🙂

  18. Hilarious and fab . Ta I LL lose trying but fun guaranteed

  19. I tried this against Stockfish. He counters me every time lol

  20. I love ur humor, and the effort you make to produce videos that are not only informative but fun to watch. Thx homie.

  21. "play the Vienna instead that's so much tactically fun 🤓"

  22. Mann ki Bakwaas = “Rascals, Rogues & Freebooters” says:

    How can we use the Gambit with black side?

  23. Really great video. It's my favorite opening as white even if the engine says it's not that good.

  24. Holly dhit this is the best chess channel I swear 😀

  25. WHY WOULD YOU ATTACK LEVI LIKE THAT? He's a good noodle.

  26. Im pretty sure I did this while drunk up to the halfway point

  27. I wanna sneak my way into a chess tournament and then lose to a 12yr old and accuse them of using a weighted king as if having a heavier chess piece affected the game

  28. I have an idea for a sacrificial line in the Halloween gambit

    1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. Nxe5 Nxe5, the Halloween gambit. then d4, attacking the knight, Ng6, knight retreats. You play e5, attacking the other knight, and if they play Qe7, thinking they have pinned the attacking pawn to the king, you could simply block with Be2. Ng8, the knight escapes the attack,
    O-O d6, challenging the pawn. Re1 dxe5 dxe5. Now here you traded pawns, but the e5 pawn is hanging. Most would play Qxe5, a blunder for we can reply with Bf4!! A brilliant sacrifice of the bishop. If they take with the queen, we go Bb5 checkmate. If they take with the knight, we still move our bishop to Bb5 check, a discovered attack, the bishop attacks the king and the rook attacks the queen. You would end up winning a queen for a bishop!

  29. What happens if instead of retreating the knight after D4, they push it to G4 where it's protected?

  30. How is it everyone in 900 always knows all the counter lines?

  31. S tier gambit. Worked against my brother who is into chess. Very fun!

  32. Pawn d4, Knight f
    Three, why do I keep losing
    To this, constantly?

  33. They never talk about what if the opponent refuses to take the knight I guess noone wants to decline a free piece

  34. ishowchildporntomykidsandmadethemaddicted This video has changed my life. My whole outlook on everything that exists in this world, in fact even in the entire universe. I can never look at anything I know the same way ever again. This video represents emotions most humans could never comprehend. But I can. Thanks to this video I have been awakened to many things previously thought unimaginable. Thank you.

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