How to Actually Play the BongCloud Opening in 3 Minutes

The most intricately theoretical opening in all of Chess has finally been rendered comprehensible in video form.


  1. Just play flawlessly [Download stockfish] xD

  2. So basically you're smart for being stupid

  3. Of all the times I tried this opening, only once failed

  4. I know next to nothing about playing chess, but I have several friends who are chess nerds and decided I needed to know this just in case. I will win through the power of being the ultimate idiot

  5. "All you need is for your opponent to make a minor positional mistake"…AKA blundering their rook to a pawn for no reason at all.

  6. this has got me thinking, maybe i will try 1. d4 … 2. Kd2 or mwybe even 1. f4 … 2. f2 for a real challenge

  7. The bongcloud is a lot like the ICBM opening.Except instead of propelling an ICBM across continents, you're chucking a grenade like 2 feet away from you in the hopes it doesn't go off.

  8. So essentially, a person would only make this opening if they are completely 100% sure that they are superior than their opponent, who would likely be someone to make a mistake (i.e. a rookie)Yup, very disrespectful indeed.

  9. "If the king does not lead, how can he expect his subordinates to follow?"- Lelouch vi Britannia

  10. What about 3. Ke1, is that allowed or does that make it a False Bongcloud?

  11. I wonder who the world's greatest chess player is when you consider only games after they played the bong cloud. Unstudied openings are Fischer's forte, but Magnus probably does bong clouds over breakfast for fun. Hikaru has to have spent more time thinking about the bong cloud than anyone.

  12. This is the video that got me into chess. I clicked b/c I thought it was a fake opening. Now I'm so much better than my friends that I'm back using this vid for education instead of entertainment.

  13. The only good move against the bongcloud is also playing the bongcloud.

  14. i beat martin with the bong cloud after watching this.

  15. I JUST played 4 bongcloud openings and won 3 times, 75% wr confirmed?

  16. The original "disrespect gambit"

  17. I’m using this opening in the 300s because I started playing chess a week ago. At my level, it’s like punching a baby in the face and telling it to stop crying.

  18. I just played bongcloud, blundered a rook, then my opponent proceeded to develop brain damage and I pawn checkmated him lol

  19. I played the bong cloud as black and won boys 😂

  20. manually castle probably one of the moves of all time

  21. My friend: I've been studying opening theoryMe: Alright bet

  22. I have a good friend who is a chess god. I’m not that great at chess.I did this against him. I am the only person in my group to have EVER beaten him because I just made him short circuit.

  23. Someone played this againts me but they were black and i try to scholar mate so mate in 3

  24. Does anyone else remember the last line to be equal or less iq than an average grasshopper

  25. Have played this opening a few times in blitz chess, last time my opponent actually reciprocated and brought his king out front as well so they could do battle together.

  26. People who play the bong cloud against someone stronger than them "my goals are beyond your understanding"

  27. 3:41 "…equal or less intelligence than the average beetle"
    That's a cricket.

  28. "Bonglord McCloud" LMAO

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