How to Actually Play the BongCloud Opening in 3 Minutes

The most intricately theoretical opening in all of Chess has finally been rendered comprehensible in video form.


  1. "If they're better at chess than you, then why are you playing this opening" I laughed so hard I hit the subscribe button

  2. Lol, I actually just defeated someone using this opening.
    My elo is 1080 and my opponent was 1040,
    I told him it's gotta be one of my greatest achievements defeating someone using this opening.

  3. I thoughts someone was trolling me I can’t believe this is a thing . Only thing better than this would be to give up the queen right away and still beat them 😂🎉🎉🎉🎉

  4. I've won more bongcloud games than I've lost, everyone always chokes

  5. The thing about this opening is that nobody in their right mind would ever think to study it, so all opening theory that you know about it is an advantage.

  6. The only opening I can think of more disrespectful than the bongcloud is to open with f3 and g4

  7. Just used the bongcloud and though I wasn’t able to use anything this video showed my opponent ended up blundering their queen and light squared bishop.They resigned

  8. I would think that the beginning is a joke, but now I've had it actually happen to me. Played a "casual" game of chess against an internet fellow, that turned out to be a stupid bet that I didn't read. It ended up becoming toxic.

  9. Watched this video, challenged my friend. Opened with bongcloud, won the game

  10. Bobby Fisher wouldn’t have burned out if he had played the Bongcloud.

  11. Well ya see I know next to nothing about chess so all my opponents that are worse than me don’t know how to play chess and won’t understand the disrespect

  12. my friend did it once (i give him checkmate in 6 move)

  13. Won the first 1700 1 min game cause he blunder like you said he would

  14. 8 seconds off 4:20 on a video called the bongcloud opening is criminal

  15. Miss opportunity to make the video 4min 20sec

  16. 2:38 I like how you included a picture of the world champion when saying "just play flawlessly" but at the time you didn't know Ding was gonna be the wc

  17. i playd the bongcloud opening and my opponent left lmao


  19. “Why are you playing this opening 😂 ?”

    Because I hate myself.

  20. i play an even dumber version of this and win a lot of blitz games tbh. they overthink

  21. i played this opening once
    i ended up losing my wife, house, kids, and all my hard earned money because of it.

    but i won.

  22. I love the fullness of analyzing 20 moves deep into the game, while most people not gonna even open with 4 knight opening here

  23. Doing this while watching the video they blundered the queen. My king is now on G8 in my opponents defence.

  24. Just as the title states, shittest tutorial ever, and sounds so forced sat both humor and logic. This dude must hv bonded up while making this video. His words are sluring and is high as one can be while uttering total none sense.

  25. What do I do if my opponent counters by advancing his king as well?

  26. If you don't know what you are doing, then your opponent won't know what you are doing either. And that's your advantage lmao

  27. What is this random ass vape guy on the thumbnail lmfao, literally the reason why I clicked the video

  28. okay this is cool and all but its checkmate in 2 after the king has been moved if you don't move it again.

  29. remembered this after seeing a review for Chess FPS
    "Not recomended
    I lost to the bongcloud opening"

  30. Pause at 0:36 and read the fake wiki article. Brilliant. Excerpts: In 1921 he was rank 1 and in 2021 he is still rank 1, a span of 100 years. But he is 420 years old so no problem there. Elo rating 69420 nice meme. Secondhand smoke inhalation kills all his opponents in 2 moves. (etc)

  31. When i was completely new to chess i thought because the king was unkillable i could just take other pieces with no problems so i played the bongcloud very much and i won only like 2 times

  32. All games I’ve played with the bongcloud I’ve won, therefore it is the best opening in chess

  33. Bruh. This move sucks. I've won everytime.

  34. Bongcloud has one goal, and one goal only.


  35. The bong cloud opening works the best if you have a pistol next to you.

  36. Legitimately

    "One of the greatest ways to learn how to do something right, is by looking deeply into doing something as wrong as possible." – me right now thinking about BongClouding my uncle next time I see him

  37. The hidden beauty of the Bongcloud is that the king is improving the morale of all the pieces by charging in first. This will help later down the line when you have to sacrifice all your pieces just to regain tempo and position.

  38. Bongcloud is how I went up from 500 to 1800 in chess.

  39. Thank you for this video, Ben. I often find myself in this position

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