How Not To Botez Gambit

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  1. I like how white blundered a fork when they developed the bishop

  2. Theres no solution from Botez Gambit its happen to me to a titled players or even in some grand master, thats called chess blindness, your mind is focusing what is the next good move while your eyes forgot to notice that your queen was gona taken 😂 so some chess pro players are practicing blindfolded chess to solved their problem about chess blindness its is worked for all chess players but the mistake is can't avoided by human 😂 because we are not stockfish played perfectly, so thats why stockfish created for our new generation chess ideas and many are influence by stockfish even many grand masters playing like a computer chess engines but they're not a cheater that called stockfish influence anf stockfish ideas in situations specially stockfish teaches good sacrifices and weird moves and unpredictable chess moves in 2 different opening in 1 opening 😂

  3. Andrea, the most beautiful woman in chess

  4. do you guys go pants on or no pants when watching Botez Gambit related content??? fax!!!

  5. how is she that sexy that has to be a sin

  6. this short includes rule #4. Is there a full video or series of shorts where I can see all the rules on how to avoid losing my queen? a link would be very much appreciated

  7. Some people coild really learn something in this video.

  8. Someone’s skin is glowing these days😂

  9. you’re definitely not the person to be giving advice on this

  10. "silent rage"? more like HAHA GET NOISE SUPPRESSOR'D AGAIN KEKW

  11. "I guide you to the treasure that i cannot possess "

  12. I like to take out my queen early….buy her dinner….maybe take her to a movie….

  13. Nelson: oooh I don't trust this video🧐

  14. Rule #3 dont take them out too late

    Rule #2 dont play like an idiot

  15. Andrea teaching how not to do a botez gambit
    Her two games later : super duper botez gambit go brr…

  16. The only Queen I'd take out early is Andrea ❤

  17. I wanna see a blown up version of your chess profile pic (10 x plus)! 😂

  18. They have many cone dice in the middle beginning

  19. Don't worry u are more like a pawn to me

  20. Learning theory relating to the queen from a Botez is dubious at best🧐😂

  21. In the beginning when you were in the background dark behind the words. Totally thought you your were in some black jedi robes.

  22. Queen sacrifice beats Rook sacrifice 😉

  23. I always find it amusing how a streamer thinks of themselves as a chess expert and tries to give advice to others.

  24. Scandinavian players: "this is just gibberish"

  25. What are the best moves I need to make you my Queen? ❤️

  26. Rule default setting. Never piss off Alex. SHE BITES. (MORE THAN A MOSQUITO, DRACULA AND JAWS COMBINED).

  27. HAHAHAHAHAHA do what I say, don't do what I do

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