Guide to the Vienna Gambit!

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  1. This look like the white version of the Latvian gambit

  2. Another idea in the main line is after queen f3 you play Nc6 because after takes with the knight you have Nd4 and the queen doesn’t defend e4 anymore so your pawn can’t immediately be taken like if you just played a random move

  3. Quit saying “your opponent will capture….” 99% of my opponents aren’t that dumb

  4. What if they didnt retreat the knight after pushing e4 to e5 and played queen e7

  5. What if instead of moving the knight they play queen to h4

  6. Is this stuff really important to know? I only know the game and barley starting to learn that openings have names to em.

  7. How about Knight Black go G5 atk the Queen on F3

  8. I thought mainline was e4 pawn takes on d5

  9. Nice editing to make a clean loop on this short!

  10. Ohhh you’re one of those “knight to see free” kinda guys…

  11. After the main line, isn't you king weaker than his bcz of the missing F pawn?

  12. Nice to see some fairly legit openings come into play over the more flashy traps, something you can play even if your opponent knows the best moves

  13. The waffle house has found its new host

  14. After knight takes knight, don't take with your queen! Even though it saves your pawn structure, it might pin your queen to your king

  15. bro please i need your help, how do i memorize this stuff bro? im new to chess and im struggling with openings

  16. It's all fun and games untill they play caro kann

  17. instead of Nxc3 what about nc6 bb5 Nxc3 you take with a pawn the Qh4 g3 Qe4 queen itrade Bd7 And if you dont take c6 i take e5 i just a have a better endgame with bishop pair

  18. My favourite gambit is the golden shower reverse nuclear missile gambit

  19. What happens if they pin the pawn with the queen

  20. Lots of wishful thinking going on here 🤣

  21. When they play qh4+ after bxc3 you play g6 trade the queens and then play d4

  22. I tried playing Vienna and they after P..e5 they went knight to G4. I blundered and moved P..d4 instead of taking knight QxG4

  23. Bro says captures captures instead of takes takes and I am so mad 😡😡😡😡😡

  24. Help they played h5😩 lmfao worst move they could’ve done

  25. The Vienna is way too complex to be covered in a short. There’s a ton of variations in the mainline alone, I’m not even gonna mention the Vienna Game, where the opponent doesn’t play Nf6. Maybe you could make a video about the Vienna if you had the time. No pressure, though.

  26. I wouldn't recommend playing d4 if the e5 pawn is still there

  27. My opponent tried this to me but his mistake is after Nxe4 he took back with the Knight. I won immediately after that

  28. I play this, and you cannot accept it as black, its losing. Your much likely to enter the Vienna opening instead as well.

  29. This is smth like the king’s gambit right?

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