Greatest Chess Move Ever

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  1. i would sacrifice the knight with check

  2. I know the thing is a year old, but I aprove of the "the rook"

  3. Rook f2 isn't an even faster checkmate?

  4. I didn't see that. The move I thought of was Rxf2. If white captures with the rook, Qe1. White needs to block with Rf1, so Nf2+. White can only move back to h1, and then it's all over.
    If white captures the rook with the king instead, it's Qe3 checkmate.
    If white sees that capturing the rook won't work, they can ignore the rook and just capture the queen, but then Ne2+.
    …then the whole plan kind of falls apart. Damn, I thought I was onto something.

  5. I had that move in mind 500000 elo confirmed ?

  6. Some say Qg3 is a !!! move, not a !! move

  7. There was still a chance for white . Just the opponent didn't play well

  8. lol the gold coins myth is the ultimate "and everyone clapped." cause people casually walked around with gold coins in postindustrial New York


  10. Knight to f3 is also a forced mate I believe

  11. Qe5 on whites turn stops checkmate and is requesting a queen trade

  12. levy rozmen sorts are so mucxh bnetter

  13. 3:47 a tu nie dało się złapać hetmana w dwóch ruchach, Nb3 i a3??

  14. Imagine finding such legendary move without engines!! True legends

  15. To be fair only way to not get checkmate here is by the other guy to take his rook to c1 being protected by the queen and make space for his king

  16. The chess engine be like🤓:”Actually Black didint play the best move”

  17. That was actually a QUADRUPLE fork

  18. I thought that move was it but then I thought ‘oh sac the queen no’ LIKE DAM- ooffff

  19. SACRIFICE THE ROOK 🗣️🗣️🗣️🔥🔥🔥

  20. I think about knight e7 king h1 and rook f2 but i not see the mate in 12 for white after this

  21. Sacrifice Rook from f8 to f2 after queen to e1 if he goes back then it's knight check queen takes the Rook and it's checkmate

  22. Mf, why give presure in to your voice?
    This is chess and nothing is going to happen without moving.

    Stupid idiot

  23. Queen can be captured three different ways, stop talking about my ex, levy!

  24. The best move of all time was Ba7 by Karpov

  25. Truely a legendary move. Actually, it's a SUPER LEGENDARY MOVE

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