Garry Kasparov’s 5 Most Brilliant Chess Openings

Join GM Simon Williams (@GingerGM) as he breaks down the best chess opening ideas from Garry Kasparov, former world chess champion, and who many consider to be the best of all time!

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  1. Awesome! Why Kasparov was the greatest to date.

  2. Please make on Anish top 5 draws in Candidate tournaments

  3. Please make a top 5 on: Top 5 best queen sacrifices of all time!

  4. The way you describe kasparov..
    He .. wait who is he , he's the OG

  5. んあめははははようどんつんでrsたんdみゅせr says:


  6. I'm not good enough to evaluate these opening ideas but "slap in the fish" is absolutely sound and solid.

  7. I don't know if it's just me but the sound isn't perfect, like a little muffled

  8. Please do
    Capablanca best moves
    Judit best moves
    Karpove best moves

  9. Garry was a player in the first game of chess ever

  10. Good chess player just hate his character

  11. Very impressive to make a video in a series designed for "boom" moments that's all about a section of the game typically considered dry and uneventful. Great video.

  12. We still need a 5 most brilliant Simon moves… I think hes too humble to do that but I'd be interested to see

  13. no one:
    ginger gm: pchchchchchooooooooffffff

  14. the last opening idea not only defeated vishy in game 10(8 draws and game 9 anand won)of their match but also defeated anand mentally,after this loss anand couldn't play the same level & made elementary mistakes and lost 3 more games and the match,.Garry talked about this prep in his book "Deep Thinking : man vs machine"."he said that he had advantage in calculation over anyone except for the indian grandmaster vishy anand who use to calculate fast & this was the fst time he(garry) used engines along with his team for prep & found the novelty of giving up the rook and they found no refutation for it in there analysis and vishy couldn't solve all the probs and lost and it effected him psychologically.

  15. I love the explanation. Thanks Simon

  16. Please make a top 5 most brilliant moves of Vladimir Kramnik.

  17. I remember seeing a full vid of that 1st game, Karpov just gets choked and can hardly make a move without losing..just brilliant from Kasp!!

  18. Pls bring back the old explosions and hairstyle and take out suit its boring

  19. Muy buena selección y simpáticos comentarios.

  20. top 5 smothered mates i think those are really hard to spot if you dont know how to look for them

  21. My first (and only!) experience playing against "Kasparov" was 40+ years ago, with his battery-powered chessboard. I was a little kid then, and the game was frustratingly good. …and that board took a beating!

  22. Ginger GM is the best. He is funny and instructional.

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