Exotic Trap in the Most Aggressive Gambit vs The Ruy Lopez

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In this video, I play a fun chess game in the Schliemann Gambit (also known as the Jaenish Gambit)
against the Ruy Lopez Opening. The Schliemann gambit is defined by black’s 3rd move f5 which can quickly lead to a very sharp and tactical battle as seen in this game.
Anazlye the game:

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  1. A good gambit for black against the Ruy Lopez is the Berlin defense, the fishing pole variation. It works regularly against the computer with the rating 1800 (Wally).

  2. Hey Eric! I hope you're reading this, in case you are please smile for a few seconds now because I want you to smile 🙂
    Then! I just won my first ever stafford gambit 😀
    It was a bit scuffed but everything worked out it was great
    Thanks alot to you and your channel :)))

  3. Oooh puzzle lets say .Rxh6 gxh6 .Bxf6#
    Edit: oh 🙂 should've watched 2 more second lol

  4. mad respect to that dude for not resigning so we could get content

  5. If you hear Eric saying "oh no my …. " While playing with you , don't play that move

  6. …can't wait to try this and watch my 1900 rated opponent sac his queen.

  7. Eric's moral dilemma is so relatable.
    "I want to play responsibly"
    2 seconds later: " Should I botez gambit?"

  8. Finally someone with BALLS to play the Schliemann. I love you Eric

  9. I wish i had so much luck against a 1949 player

  10. Me :thinking i know all ruy lopez theory

  11. Thanks for the great instructive video! Watching your videos i have finally stopped playing the same two openings over and over again; and started stepping on a new ground here and there

  12. Hey @ Eric Rosen can we get a video where you show us all of the "oh no my____" in your videos it would be so funny

  13. Man how is it possible that the 1300s i play against play like Masters and this 1950 hangs a queen ?😂

  14. 4:37 wtf was that? Must have played wrong one maybe he was practicing blind 😆

  15. The most aggressive gambit is the Botez Gambit.

  16. A 1949 Elo rated player blunders in one move a queen? Why am I stuck at 1600 Elo when I don´t blunder queens like that?

  17. Can you please do a video on 1.e4 b5!!!! Batman Chess is ignoring my request

  18. The Schliemann with 3.. f5 leads to very interesting positions! Especially if white plays 4) Nc3. Black can then reply with 4… Nd4! (instead of 4… fxe). Its then hard to say whats best for white, 5) exf perhaps? Regardless, it might appear that white is better, but dont be fooled, as I have learned from past experience, black has alot of counterplay. I think even the strongest players are reluctant to take on the Schliemann with 4) Nc3, and choose the safer 4) d3 instead.

  19. I don’t understand the 7:31 mate idea where white knight moves to H2 instead. Can someone please explain? Thanks!

  20. Interesting to see Aronian played it against Caruana in 2018 and won. Then Carlsen tried the same against Caruana in 2019… White won 😂

  21. It’s a shame the guy blundered his damn queen. Rosen seemed to be in trouble and got saved by the blunder… so now I’m left wondering whether this attack is any good against a decent player ? 😡😡😡

  22. Eric…you are calm……AS CALM AS A BOMB……….Rage against stockfish, blue nd other machines…..

  23. I have learned so much board awareness from your super chill content.. and that's kinda the way I learn the easiest. Unless. DI Rosen becomes a drill instructor and breaks me down just to build me back up..
    I've picked up so many cool traps and counter traps that I feel like I'm on my way to being competitive on some level.

    Thank you brother. That was a focused intermediate level. What to do in the mid to late game. When to trade and why.. love it

    Keep it up brother.

  24. Hey Eric, any chance for a "Oh-No" compilation?

  25. William Fung Golden Oldies Fan of the 50s to 80s says:

    4:43 – A definite da me da ne moment, whenever a botez joins the chat

  26. 2:50 under developed but the pieces are open and ready to join the fight

  27. Other people: Orgies are fun
    Eric Rosen: I'm inviting all my pieces into the party because I think that's the most efficient way to mate

  28. 𝙼𝚛𝚜𝚑𝚖𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚘𝚠𝚜 says:

    Oh c'mon, that's my main opening for black 😭

  29. 2000 rated played against Eric: Blunder Queen

    700 rated players against me: Taimonov Scicilian

  30. Oppenent makes blunder
    Eric – Ya he can also do that.. but oh no his queen

  31. I literally fell for those White moves today and I didn't know what hit me.

  32. If Levy had black here the queen hang reaction would’ve been way more intense

  33. As a levy impersonation…

    🎶this dude is 1900 and he hangs a queen on move 11, this dude is 1900 and he hangs a queen on move 11, By move 11 dude hangs a queen and he’s 1900🎼

    Not to mention he spent more time on having only 1 legal move than he did to hang his queen.

  34. While the Queen does defend the Rook in the Nxg6 line, I believe Nf6 is still the stronger move. It actually takes Stockfish a long time to realize this too but black has even more active pieces in this line which makes it particularly nasty

  35. Amazing how guys like Rosen win games from any position..
    We would have resigned or panicked by the first few moves 😀

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