EVERY Chess Gambit for White and Black | Chess Opening Tips

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A lot of chess gambit videos are on YouTube by Eric Rosen and Jonathan Schrantz, so I put them all into one. This video features King’s Gambit, Queen’s Gambit, Nakhmanson, Orthoschnapp, Jerome, Evans, Smith Morra, Staunton Gambit, Blackmar-Diemer… and how to play these gambits.

0:00 Introduction
0:43 e4 – Kings Gambit
2:25 e4 Vienna Gambit
3:13 Danish/Goering Gambits
4:20 e4 Scotch, Jerome gambits
6:18 e4 Sicilian Gambits
9:05 Orthoschnapp vs. French
10:50 Blackmar-Diemer Gambit
12:45 1. d4 GAMBITS

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  1. But in alben they it is not forced to take the knight the king can just go back to e1

  2. ok, this is a new one on me. donkey's gambit. how does this go?

  3. On the Vienna gambit what happens if the opponent moves the Queen to h4?

  4. That albin counter-gambit is ruined by just moving the queen back because then the knight you created had nowhere to go and taking queen is just a queen trade

  5. Thank you for videos like this. With all the different types of gambits out there, it's nice to have an expert point out which ones are more theoretically sound and usable, and which ones are more gimmicky and unreliable. (Saves me what would otherwise be wasted time studying unsound opening lines).

    – – –

    (Also, shark I guess (if we're talking sea life or marine animals, and tiger if we're talking land animals))

  6. Monkey!

    Excellent video, I gotta try some of these.

  7. i love how passionate levy is about chess. its especially clear in this video. looks like he enjoyed making this a lot.

  8. These are not all there are so many gambits other this these 🎀

  9. Supper good content man! I'm a kings pawn guy for sure.

  10. The best gambit is the queen's gambit-
    I mean to literally gambit you're queen.

  11. I have a chess match today sooo I hope this will help me win

  12. I am suprised how many people fall for the DONKEY gambit .


  14. I know you don’t need telling, the chess master you are, but you have helped me and my 9 year old daughter immensely.
    Iv had 19 professional fights, none seem as taxing as chess, my goal is to be a man capable of taking over a nation but smart enough p do it correctly. Thank you for your time and effort .

  15. King's Gambit loses, but BISHOP King's Gambit is a totally different animal and was advocated by Bobby Fisher… 3. Bc4. Unfortunately, you passed over in this lineup. By the way, 2….d5 is a complete waste of time because Black cannot ever equalize with this counter-gambit. Nobody really knows 3. Bc4 and not much analysis on it so White has a huge advantage right out of the gate. If you play it on-line as White, there will always be a very long pause by your confused opponent who does not know what to do… IM Tim Taylor wrote the only decent book on this opening (800 pages), but it was self-published and now long out of print.

  16. In the most of my games i have an advantage but my positions just fall after my opponent notices one of my blunders. That's why i learned how to not blunder

  17. Should've included the Belgrade gambit

  18. What a channal like just what channal
    U know my question even before I ask u
    I love u man 😩❤

    15:13 dksjssnns

  19. The Icelandic-Palme gambit is another fiery gambit in the Scandinavian. 1. e4 d5 2. exd5 Nf6 3. c4 e6 4. dxe6 Bxe6 5 d4 Bb4+ etc

  20. perfect, more gambits to use wrong and tell my friends gotham said they’re good

  21. 0:01 vvgfdd
    0:15 jjfffdss
    0:55 gggf
    1:25 bgccc
    1:40 jgffrre
    2:00 bgfffffr
    2:03 vffffd

    2:15 bffdsw
    2:21 ggdfggd
    2:30 hgffds
    2:38 bggffd
    2:45 hgfffffg
    2:50 (yffgfdd)

    3:00 bhgffg
    3:13 hfggf
    3:23 yffggf
    3:28 bvvdd
    3:30 vcvfd
    3:36 vgfggff
    3:48 bfdfggf
    3:52 vffgfdd
    3:55 ggfgg
    4:12 uggte2

    6:15 bbvvvvc
    6:25 njgfdd
    6:45 vvccggc
    6:50 bvvfsq
    7:00 vcfddhx
    7:16 bgddff
    7:30 ccgfcbf
    7:55 bhggv
    8:00 vccbvgd
    8:05 fxxfd
    8:10 nvffdw
    8:25 jbgvvf
    8:45 jhgggfr

    8:56 hhfff
    9:02 bgggf
    9:05 jggfhffe
    9:14 vgfhhf
    9:25 hgfffddd
    9:35 bbvcvvx
    9:40 nhfffxz
    9:52 bvcvvccc
    10:05 cfvcff
    10:15 fcxvfd

    10:30 dccxx
    10:35 fvfdced
    10:52 dfddd
    10:55 xvfdff
    11:02 dfcxcc
    11:12 dccdcc
    11:20 dccdx

    11:35 dccdd
    11:42 dccdd
    11:48 xcccxx
    11:55 cvfccdd

    12:06 cccxcx
    12:13 dccxx
    12:15 dccx
    12:20 dvxcggf !
    12:23 dcxccdx

    12:38 ccxdxxx

    12:44 fvxcfccvdc
    12:50 xvcvcfc
    13:04 dccxx

    13:16 cfcxd
    13:20 dgvfcc

    13:30 xccccvd
    13:42 ggjjhbgss
    13:46 jhfffhgfcd
    14:07 bbbgff

    14:12 bgdfghff
    14:22 bbvvvgdd
    14:31 vgfdygge
    14:49 vgghggg
    14:55 bgdfyyg

    15:02 njvvfddff
    15:06 nhffffd
    15:12 vgfhcf

    15:15 jhggbhgf

    15:22 bfvbvccg

    15:25 vgffhhgxxf
    15:35 bgffhhfgff
    15:45 bxvbdss
    16:02 jhfffss
    16:10 jfffds
    16:18 jgddfd

    16:22 btxbgdd
    16:30 jffbvdd

    16:41 jjggfgg

    17:00 jhfdffdf
    17:10 jhddgfs
    17:15 nvxccx

    17:16 kdgffdd

  22. My favorite gambit is the Grilled Cheese Countergambit:

    1. e4 f5
    2. Qg4

  23. Please Cover the tumbleweed or drunken king gambit

  24. Do I get extra points if I've played Herrström?
    Also, you missed the Colorado gambit 1.e4 Nc6 2.Nf3 f5?! It's has been played on IM level to beat another IM in a serious game.

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