ENGLUND GAMBIT | Rating Chess Openings Pt. 3

Hello everyone, and welcome to episode 3 of rating chess openings, and today I have the Englund Gambit. This highly-dubious opening is one of my most-hated openings, and for good reason. Despite one attracting trap for beginners, this is a positionally and tactically lost opening, where the opposing side can easily win if they know only a couple moves. Enjoy this video, subscribe for more, and please don’t play the Englund. It’s for your own sake.

Also it’s not the England gambit, Englund is the guy who made this opening.

0:00 Pro
1:44 Cons (not a rant)
7:40 Final Ranking

Overall Ranking: 0/10


  1. Just fell for first sideline you mentioned and remembered your video immediately. Fortunately my opponent blundered his queen later on, lol.

  2. This video is so good, shame he was executed in 2058 by laser blaster firing squad. R.I.P.

  3. Can you please do the queen's gambit next? Or better, if we get a queen's gambit masterclass of 1 hour. A humble request from your viewer🙏

  4. At 3:52, couldn't black take the pawn on d4 with your knight, defending the c2 pawn? Not trying to nitpick, just genuinely curious.

  5. As a weak chess player who does not know much of the 1. d4 theory, I enjoy playing the Englund Gambit as black. Thank you for this video though. It is forcing me to re-evaluate.

    It is especially fun when white declines the gambit and plays 2. d5. Many times I can transpose the game into something very close to a Czech Benoni and my 1. d4 opponents who have memorized the Queen's Gambit, the London, the Colle, etc. have never seen it before.

  6. I once heard that gambits are just blunders with fancy names but I did not believe that until I heard about the Englund Gambit.

  7. Could you rate the benoni or the vienna game/gambit please?

  8. I like the d3 gambit. It is very effective and its my favourite gambit againts 1 d4. Even if they defend the pawn, there are still ways that we can achieve a great position (i learn this from another youtube channel sorry if offended). Btw nice job now i can destroy main line englund gambit players 😀

  9. 5:17 right there I an ad about a war game, and in that ad, there was artillery . Just fitting. Yeah, the Englund Gambit is a dumpster fire, I agree

  10. 1. d4 e5 2. dxe5 d6 3. Nf3 Nc6 4. Bf4 , Black has 4…Bg4 and Black can get a decent position. Engluld gambit is not a good opening but not that terrible IMO

  11. There is a quick 5 move checkmate from the Englund gambit where you block with the horse when the queen checks and if they are not careful there is checkmate threat with the horse and the bishop supporting. I've gotten it like 6 times on bullet it's actually kinda funny

  12. You can play bc5 and then d6 instead of nc6 and if they take do ne7 and once they take you can do a tennison maneuver basically

  13. The Englund is undeniably inferior if considered at a titled level of play. However, it can be an effective resource against novice to intermediate D4 players who prefer a less sharp positional game.

    If white declines the gambit, then the Englund player gains an immediate advantage in space and development.

    The meme trap line is well known. Any competent d4 player above 1000 rating should know the refutation. That shouldn't be the reason to play it.

    However, progressing the Englund into the Charlick Gambit can be very effective. There's a substantial win rate for black at intermediate levels. For me it's around 60%. Very few players know the good and bad lines against it; and many miss the traps and attacks. Especially so in faster time controls where you're forcing your opponent to analyse and think; you can gain a winning time advantage early on.

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